Big Rockies Series

Every time the Dodgers travel to Denver, we wonder how the Dodgers will outhit the Rockies at the mile-high stadium.  But this time, the Rockies have to be wondering whether they can keep up with the Dodgers’ three home run per game pace.

Bombay Fun Facts


Just some fun facts about Cody “Bombay” Bellinger.  His father, Clay Bellinger, hit .193 in the major leagues with 12 home runs.  Clay played for the Yankees from 1999 through 2001 and for the Angels in 2002.  Clay was a utility player who fielded every position except catcher and pitcher.

Cody’s younger brother, Cole, is a pitcher in high school.  Cole recently led Hamilton High School (Chandler, Arizona) to their second straight Arizona high school baseball state championship.  Cole is committed to Grand Canyon University.  The San Diego Padres picked Cole Bellinger as their 15th round draft pick this morning in the 2017 MLB Draft.

When Cody was a young boy (age 4?) he would cry when Clay failed to pitch batting practice to him following a minor league game.  Seems as if he is self motivated.

Cody currently enjoys reverse splits, which should motivate the FAZ front office to keep him in the lineup every day.  His splits (BA/OBP/SLG/OPS):

against RHP:  .248/.331/.592/.923 with 12 dingers in 142 plate appearances

against LHP:  .300/.349/.750/1.099 with 5 dingers in 43 plate appearances

Before Cody was called up, the Dodgers were 9-11.  Cody has now played in 45 games for the Dodgers.  During these games, the Dodgers record is 31-14.  Cody has hit 16 home runs during those 31 wins with the Dodgers.  He has hit just one home run during their 14 losses in which he played.

Bombay Banquet


This afternoon at 5:40pm PDT/6:40pm MDT/8:40 EDT, the Dodgers take on the Colorado Rockies in Denver.  If the Dodgers can take three of four games or better, the Dodgers will be in first place at the end of the weekend.

Last night, Nomar Garciaparra discussed Cody Bellinger’s ability to hit an opposite field home run, flat-footed, and with the marine layer working against him in Chavez Ravine.  That just shows how strong he is.  Imagine the damage he can do at Coors Field.  Bombs Away!

Crystal Blue Chris Taylor


Got a new player
Traded for Zach Lee
The offense is rising
Most definitely
A World Series is coming, ooh ooh
Roster is changing
Ain’t it beautiful, ooh, ooh
Crystal Blue Chris Taylor
Better get ready to play the youth
Youth, youth is the answer, ooh, ooh
And that’s the truth
So get rid of PVL’s, ooh ooh
So easy to do
Put them in the bowl
And just flush the poo
Crystal Blue Chris Taylor, mmm, mmm
Plays with Corey and Cody
Crystal Blue Chris Taylor
 Crystal Blue Chris Taylor
May it be this fall,
They lead the team
On every green field, ooh ooh
In every town
All of his teammates
Dodger Blue Nation
We’ll have a seventh shiny Trophy
Crystal Blue Chris Taylor, yeah
Crystal Blue Chris Taylor, aha
Crystal Blue Chris Taylor, aha
Crystal Blue Chris Taylor, aha

Adrian Gonzalez to the DL


Is Adrian Gonzalez going to the disabled list for the first time in his career?  That’s my prediction, and it should happen on Friday, May 5, 2017.  Gonzalez admitted to the LA Times that he should have started the season on the disabled list.  Now with the able-bodied Cody Bombay Bellinger ready to man the defense at first base and more than ready to hit in the heart of the order, give Adrian some rest and recovery time on the disabled list, so he can get his “broken parts” back in order.

Joc Pederson will be coming off the DL on Friday.  To make room for Joc, put Gonzalez on the DL rather than optioning Bombay back to AAA Oklahoma City.

Urias vs. Samardzija

Tonight’s game features Julio Urias (0-0, 1.59 ERA) versus Jeff Samardzija (0-4, 6.32 ERA).  Given that (a) this is baseball and (b) it’s the Dodgers, the offense will likely have a tough time against Samardzija.  I am curious to see which left-handed hitter will be playing first base tonight.  Will Adrian Gonzalez get another day of rest and recovery?  Or will Bellinger play left field, with Toles manning center field?

Last night, the offense went off.  Does that prove they can hit left-handers?  No, it proves that Matt Moore was having a hard time throwing strikes last night.