Mt. Everest Was Once A Hill

“It’s awesome to see the team doing well,” he [Hill] said. “We’ve gone 10-1. But I look at that and see that one loss and think, ‘That was me’ (laughs). … You don’t want to walk around with such a poopy diaper all the time. Be optimistic. I’ve caught myself a couple times this year.”


Hill seemed to have lost his focus last time out after allowing his first runner. Until that moment he looked pretty solid.

Save Chief Wahoo

What enters the mind when you view this photo?

I’ll bet, Orel is thinking?


I can get extra tickets to the World Series for my Indian friends, through Pantone 294 this year…


I read somewhere, earlier, that our new Commissioner is currently in discussion to end Chief Wahoos term as the Ambassador of Cleveland Baseball.

I wonder if there has been any discussion about Making Chief Wah’Orel  the new Ambassador?

Here’s today’s line-up folks…

Utley DH

Seager SS

Turner 3B

Bellinger 1B

Grandal C

Taylor LF

Forsythe 2B

Pederson CF

Puig RF

Kershaw P

Adrian Gonzalez was added to the DL and Joc Pederson was added to the 25 man roster.

Maeda vs. Wacha

In the second game of the Dodgers at Cardinals series, Kenta Maeda (4-2, 5.08 ERA) will pitch against Michael Wacha (2-2, 3.66 ERA).

The Dodgers have been all kind of hot lately.  They’ve hit eleven home runs in the past five games.  They’ve won their past five games in a row.  The bullpen has pitched shutout baseball for the last 21 2/3 innings.  The Dodgers have won ten games out of their last twelve.  The Dodgers are just a half game out of first place.