Save Chief Wahoo

What enters the mind when you view this photo?

I’ll bet, Orel is thinking?


I can get extra tickets to the World Series for my Indian friends, through Pantone 294 this year…


I read somewhere, earlier, that our new Commissioner is currently in discussion to end Chief Wahoos term as the Ambassador of Cleveland Baseball.

I wonder if there has been any discussion about Making Chief Wah’Orel  the new Ambassador?

Here’s today’s line-up folks…

Utley DH

Seager SS

Turner 3B

Bellinger 1B

Grandal C

Taylor LF

Forsythe 2B

Pederson CF

Puig RF

Kershaw P

Adrian Gonzalez was added to the DL and Joc Pederson was added to the 25 man roster.

Diamonds and Rust – Off Day Edition

The Cubs won a hundred and three baseball games in 2016.

That means we should want to win 104 in 2017. If you don’t want to best them in every damn aspect of this thing we call “Our National Pastime.” Get the Fuck – Off  of Our Field…

I’m telling you right now that Doc Roberts can manage his way to 104 wins.

He can do it!

So if Doc has the ability to get the team over the proverbial hump. What’s stopping ’em…

Ain’t nothing but a thing…