Major League Baseballs Non Waiver Trade Deadline Ends At 4PM ET

Will Darvish, Verlander or Gray, fly to Atlanta to join the Dodgers in the coming hours?

Could a reliever weigh heavily on the minds of the front-office?

If so…what type of prospects and or other pieces will be exchanged?

Will they fore-go a bullpen arm and call up Walker Buehler to assist the club?

Will they add another bat to the mix?

Do they even need to do something big that requires top prospects?

I’ve read that…

Darvish may require top prospects

Verlander will cost money/prospects

Gray will require a battle with the Yankees


Hang on to your caps today folks…A storm may be brewing!!


Rivalry Weekend

John Roseboro and Willie Mays - Aftermath of Marichal Incident

Ah yes, it’s rivalry weekend.  This one is squeezed between the red-hot streak and the trading deadline.  The Dodgers have won 36 of their last 42 games.  The non-waiver trade deadline is on Monday, July 31st.  Before the deadline, the Giants are in town to re-stoke one of baseball’s oldest rivalries.

The starting pitchers for tonight’s game will be Alex Wood versus Matt Moore.  It should be a good one, so pull up a chair.

Mt. Everest Was Once A Hill

“It’s awesome to see the team doing well,” he [Hill] said. “We’ve gone 10-1. But I look at that and see that one loss and think, ‘That was me’ (laughs). … You don’t want to walk around with such a poopy diaper all the time. Be optimistic. I’ve caught myself a couple times this year.”


Hill seemed to have lost his focus last time out after allowing his first runner. Until that moment he looked pretty solid.