Save Chief Wahoo

What enters the mind when you view this photo?

I’ll bet, Orel is thinking?


I can get extra tickets to the World Series for my Indian friends, through Pantone 294 this year…


I read somewhere, earlier, that our new Commissioner is currently in discussion to end Chief Wahoos term as the Ambassador of Cleveland Baseball.

I wonder if there has been any discussion about Making Chief Wah’Orel  the new Ambassador?

Here’s today’s line-up folks…

Utley DH

Seager SS

Turner 3B

Bellinger 1B

Grandal C

Taylor LF

Forsythe 2B

Pederson CF

Puig RF

Kershaw P

Adrian Gonzalez was added to the DL and Joc Pederson was added to the 25 man roster.

Kershaw vs. Cueto


The resurgent offense has brought the Dodgers two games over .500 and just two games out of first place.  Now it’s up to Clayton Kershaw to extend the winning streak to five games.  It won’t be easy, as the Dodgers offense often gives Kershaw little with which to work.  Tonight will be no exception as they will have to face the wily Johnny Cueto.

Notice anything odd about the all-star ballot picture above?  Yes, that’s Andre Ethier, who has yet to join the 25-man roster during the regular season.  Andre only played in 16 games last season.  One other odd thing?  I got this photo from the Dodgers website, where the caption below the photo says, “Which Rockies are #ASGWorthy? Cast your All-Star ballots up to 5 times in any 24-hour period (max 35 votes).”

Do the Dodgers want us to vote Rockies into the All-Star Game?

Twenty Game Review


Here’s where we are after the first 20 games:  9-11, and five games back.  How does that compare to the past four years, when the Dodgers won four straight division titles?

2013  9-11, 4.5 games back

2014  12-8, 1 game ahead

2015  12-8, 1 game ahead

2016  12-8, 1.5 games ahead

Wow!  Identical records the past three years, three games better than where we stand right now.  What happened in 2013?  Oh yeah, the year the Dodgers stood at 32-40 through June 21st, then kicked off a 42-8 sprint through the summer (well, up through August 17th).  Then they shifted gears slightly and ran off another 11-5 sprint, which put them 12.5 games above the nearest competitor.  The year that Yasiel Puig came up and the pitchers hadn’t figured him out yet.  The year of Hanley Ramirez (the year before he ruined Clayton Kershaw’s perfect game).

Can the 2017 Dodgers find a way to put the pieces together?  As Griz said, the Diamondbacks and the Rockies are both for real this year, but we have yet to see whether they’ve got the staying power.

Some changes that could help this year’s Dodgers:

  • The rebirth of Hyun-Jin Ryu’s pitching ability, as called by the great prognosticator Dodger4life.
  • The addition of Julio Urias to the starting rotation.
  • A possible call-up of Alex Verdugo or Cody Bellinger if Andrew Toles can’t get it going.
  • Ditto for Joc Pederson.
  • The return of Logan Forsythe once his toe heals.
  • The return of butter n egg man Adrian Gonzalez once his right forearm is at full strength.

Kershaw the Stopper

When you’re down and losing, you throw your stopper.  Ours is Clayton Kershaw.  How convenient that today is his turn in the rotation.  How depressing it would be if we cannot win any games in which he does not start.  Well, that’s not the case, since the Dodgers have already won five of the twelve games in which Kershaw did not start.

Anyway, tonight’s game features Lefty vs. Lefty again.  The Dodgers offense will once again be put to the test to see if they can hit a lefty.  Tonight’s opposition lefty will be Tyler Anderson, who lost to the Dodgers 10-6 in Colorado on April 9th.

Update:  Note the lineup.  It just got worse.  When you lose Forsythe and Turner AND Segedin (jk) at the same time, the offense will definitely suffer.  That’s not good.