Maeda and Perdomo – Game 3



The Dodgers look to continue their winning ways today against the Padres.


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  1. Joe Davis just said, “Hitters will try anything!” in reference to Joc break’n out of his slump.

    Maybe someone should pen a song to help propel him forward…


  2. It looks like Maeda has found his rhythm again. Him and Grandal had some issues last inning, but he’s much closer to his target now.


  3. They are talking about Turner outplaying Bellinger for the MVP…Someone brought up leadership…I’m gonna counter with 34 bombs and counting…


  4. That Speckled-egg guy got his arms extended on that one…

    He turned that Maeda pitch into a 2 run omelet.


  5. Interesting contrast between the Padres and Dodgers. The Padres seem to constantly be in some sort of rebuilding phase. They have decent players, a good home stadium and yet if it weren’t for Dodger fans filling the seats in San Diego, the team has trouble generating much interest. The lack of any winning tradition keeps them as an afterthought.

    The Dodgers seem to find a way to stay competitive even with the awful ownerships of Fox and McCourt. The newest ownership group has brought the Dodgers back to relevance even if we still have no championships to show for it.
    No rebuilding here in L.A.


    • Without trying to dispel the notion that Maeda could be a #3 guy on another team, I’m certain he could, but as Hershiser and Davis stated earlier, Maeda has been pitching on more than 5 days rest. Which, when he does he excels. Maeda’s last outing was on the 8th, so he threw on 5 days rest today.


  6. Anyone thinking about a post season roster yet? They were talking about the competition among the guys today. Bulldog stated, and I agree, that certain pitchers aren’t competing to be starters, but are competing to become part of the group selected to perform in the post-season.


  7. Ned is on Dodger Talk saying he hasn’t counted…yet…but he would bet, that the Dodgers don’t swing at more than 5 pitches outside of the strike-zone, per game.

    Taylor always hits the ball hard!! He makes a lot of solid contact.

    Ned says Taylor may become the CF when Gonzo returns.

    2 inning sim game on Wed for Kershaw.

    I believe they said…that the Dodgers went with 4 starters, 7 bullpen guys and 3 catchers in the post season last year? I think?


  8. I see nobody here mentioned it, but yesterday, the Dodgers sent Kyle Farmer back to the AAA farm-club OKC, and put Chris Hatcher on the 25-man roster. Hatcher! I trust Doc to only use him in blow-outs.


  9. Re: Hatcher, I see them giving him yet another try-out. Let’s face it, the bully is not what it should be come playoff time. Sure, their overall numbers are good, but it seems to me that they give up waaaay too many home runs. This has to be a temporary move. They have 14 pitchers on the roster, which leaves only 3 position players on the roster. Three. One backup catcher, one backup infielder and one backup outfielder. Yes, multiple players can play more than one position, which helps the flexibility, but geez. The enormous lead enables them to do turn the focus on how they’re going to construct the pitching roster.

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    • Quite interesting question – which pitchers will be on the playoff roster?

      Starting rotation – Kershaw and Darvish are givens. Wood likely, though he would be great in the bullpen. He has earned a spot in the starting rotation. The fourth starter – probably Rich Hill. That leaves Maeda, Ryu, and McCarthy as possible relievers. McCarthy might not make the playoff roster. Other relievers: Jansen is a given. One or both of Stewart and Stripling? not necessarily. Ryu would work well, we’ve already seen that. Maeda may give one or two good innings. Other lefties: choose one or two among Avilan, Watson, Cingrani, and Paredes. Other righties: choose two or three among Baez, Morrow, Fields. Add Buehler?

      This ain’t easy. So far I’ve got locks of Kershaw, Darvish, Wood,Hill, and Jansen. Then there are like seven more spots up for grabs.


  10. Crash, since you asked……..My playoff roster:

    Starters (4)


    Relievers (8)


    Catchers (2)


    Infield (6)


    Outfield (5)


    All of this is conditional on health, of course. With a couple of exceptions, it’s the group that got us here.

    I’ve removed a couple of pitching slots for position players, probably my old-school prejudice creeping in. I’ve kept Ryu and Maeda in there as long guys. I’d rather trust them than Stripling. Bring in Ryu if Darvish has another 5 inning outing (or less) and Maeda if it happens to Hill or Wood.

    I might sit someone to add Farmer, but not right now. Picks gotta be made, but I liked what I saw from him.

    I’ve rewarded Gonzo and Ethier for their veteran status and hopeful calming effect in the dugout and the clubhouse. Hopefully, they’ll both be ready to play. Personally, I’d call up Verdugo NOW and see if he’s dependable. If he is, he’d replace Ethier on the roster (who might not get healthy enough in time) and push Pederson to the bench. Gotta admit I still have hopes for #31, but he’s really struggling now more than ever. Can’t really live with that come playoff time. Produce or sit.

    OK ya’ll, pick it apart on this off-day.

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  11. With the way the team has played and the big division lead there isn’t much else to discuss but playoff rosters. I like Eric’s roster but wonder if the Dodgers will feel a need for an extra pitcher or two. As we have seen, playoff games are managed much differently than regular season games. Starters get the hook sooner, closers are asked to get more than three outs (which makes Jansen ready since he has been asked to do that a number of times already), and the sense of urgency to score earlier in games might require more double switches. The only certainty is someone who has been on the roster and made contributions might not be on a playoff roster. And having the possibility of Gonzo and Ethier healthy enough to make the roster means someone else will have to be moved out of the way. A lot will depend on how Gonzalez and Ethier perform during rehab and with the big league club and how some of the pitchers do with their remaining opportunities.


    • I would be surprised if they don’t have more than 12 pitchers, birk. The list above is what I would want, not necessarily a prediction. I know what you mean and I don’t disagree with it. But more double switches require more position players, something that’s in short supply with the roster in its current state. I just stared at the TV the other night when Roberts ran through all 3 catchers by the sixth inning. Talk about rolling the dice.


  12. Cingrani impressed me the other night when the bullpen was floundering late. Like dodgereric implied, Dodgers have the luxury of hosting a pitching tryout for the bullpen over the next month or so. Hatcher may–or may not–surprise. As for Ryu and Maeda, Ryu has a bit more heat on his fastball and seems more of a force than Maeda. Not sure I’d carry both.


  13. It’s nice to see the convo up above. As always Eric has brought some thoughtful wisdom back into the fold.

    Remember the three computers I punched a while back?

    I took one apart and nothing looks broken…

    Can any of you spot the problem?

    I’m unsure of my next move…but I ain’t ready to give-up.

    I haven’t given too much thought as to roster construction.

    Too may variables with these guys…you can switch it up a number of ways and come away with a solid group.


  14. I was trying to figure out when the team will clinch. Will they be able to do it at home? My guesstimate at the moment says @ Washington. If they can expidite this 7 days, they can do it on Beli’s bobblehead night.

    Wouldn’t that be fun!


  15. Two of the laptops just need screens. Plus the hinges and brackets I broke a while back. The expensive one was closed when I punched it. Something is wrong internally, plus the screen? I managed to get them both apart without breaking anything. I’ll try to reassemble them in a day or two.

    I had another mishap with my current one this morning. I spilled a little water and it got behind the screen. Everything lights up, but the screen now. Verdict is still out that one. I gave it a blessing and set it under the sun.


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