17 thoughts on “Arizona Series – Game 3 – Rubber-Match

  1. Another big game tonight as far as I am concerned. Not quite sure what has gone wrong with the Diamondbacks this season although the Dodgers’ record is so good it makes the second and third place teams look bad even if they are not really all that bad. No matter, the D’backs are a good team and capable of making a good playoff run. But more importantly, this will be Darvish’s second game with the Dodgers and still eager to show his worth. So for him it is a big game and for the Dodgers, this game is a chance to take another series from a quality team.

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  2. This is a real important game, till the next one, but I think the dodgers will face the Snakes in the LDS and the Nats in NLCS coming to the play offs, and we see the nats later, a real indicator of Dodgers readiness. Nice to beat grienke, lets do two

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  3. The Rockies and the DBacks look like very good teams to me, even though their won and lost records are much lower than the Dodgers. They both seem very hard to beat.


  4. I would rather face the D’Backs in the playoffs. The Rockies are loaded with right handed hitters. And we are a predominately left handed pitching team. I think the Rocks are a harder road for us. JMO

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    • There’s a nice double entendre there, Jhall. “A harder road,” for me, means a harder road game, as in, a depleted pitching staff, thanks to Coors Field. So I would rather face D-Backs, as well, though I think D-Backs are a better team and will be the Dodgers NLDS opponent.

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