Can we get some ice-cream up here on today’s

Happy Flight 

It’s supposed to be 294° when the boy’s land in Zona!


60 thoughts on “Tuesday…

  1. Regarding the question of which teams beat the Dodgers during this great 44-7 run: Braves 3 times, Angels twice, and I don’t remember the other two teams without looking it up.

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  2. It’s great for us Dodger fans, here, when the Dodgers pay their annual visit to New York (and the Post Season, some times), especially when they’re playing this good. Everybody here in the big apple are praising the Dodgers and most feel they’re going all the way.
    Hoping the 294 gang will really bring on the steam, in Arizona.

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    • I hope that Roberts has enough sense to not mess with what is working…..

      I would DFA both of them… We got where we are without both of them…. Conincidence???? I think not…

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  3. More importantly, who gets sent down to AAA or released? I have a suspicion Gonzo and Ethier won’t see the bench until Sept. 1, especially Ethier. I mean, who the hell do you knock off the 25-man roster for either of these guys? Kyle Farmer might be the only real possibility.


    • Utley to the 10 day with a mystery (coacharestalegitus) ailment at the end of the month. AGon takes the spot. Dre as the rosters expand?

      The team is pretty solid with it’s current contruction.


  4. AGone and Mr Softee(Ethier) just need to go away…. They had their day. It has past!! Step aside and let the young guns get the job done without distractions from a couple of has beens…..


  5. Arizona’s projection of 92 wins isn’t anything to overlook.

    Colorado and Arizona are in command of the 2 wild-card spots.

    There ain’t no easy way out…


  6. Lineup – Forsythe is #6 against the right-handed pitcher.

    1. Chris Taylor (R) LF
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Cody Bellinger (L) 1B
    5. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    6. Logan Forsythe (R) 2B
    7. Joc Pederson (L) CF
    8. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    9. Kenta Maeda (R) P


  7. Teams swept by the Dodgers during their 44-7 run: Reds, Reds again, Mets, Rockies, Diamondbacks, Royals, Marlins, White Sox, Twins, Giants, Mets again. Eleven sweeps during the run. So far.


  8. Even with a big lead in the division this is an important series for both teams. The Dodgers certainly don’t want to lose momentum, especially against a division rival and a team still with playoffs in its sights. The D’backs want to derail the Dodgers and prove they belong. Should be a good series.

    I still feel the Dodgers are in no hurry to get Agon or Gonzo back but can’t stop them from getting ready. Management has been creative with the DL as a way to juggle the roster but it does seem unfair for someone to lose a roster spot to players who have been out so long. We will just have to wait and see what happens.


  9. There’s a good chance the Dodgers will play the D-Backs in the NLDS, knowing Greinke will probably pitch the play-in game. So it’s OK if the D-Backs play the Dodgers tough right now. Dodgers need to see this team at its best, and maybe, if the Dodgers lose a game or three to them, they just might face them with a bit more fire, anger and respect in their bellies.


  10. Our bullpen will be our down fall in the post season. FAZ had a chance to get some big relievers and they got scraps like Ned.


  11. Lamb’s grand slam was so strange. He seemed to barely hit the ball. Then it carried just far enough and just fair enough (hitting the “fair pole”). Even Puig thought he would be able to get it, but it was just a bit too high.

    The real problem was stacking so many men on base in front of the home run. Without the hit-by-pitch and the intentional walk, Lamb’s homer would have put us down only 4-3.

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  12. I get nervous anytime Baez gets the call and I agree with tru he’s been hit too hard lately.
    I also agree with kahli losing to the d-backs isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You will have to show up and play to beat these guys.
    Actually, all the posts from last night had part of the big picture. Crappy pen? Hell yes! Upset? Hell no, it’s just one game. At this point I don’t really see a lot of room for both Ethier and Gonzalez, seeing as they both bat left handed. I don’t think they’ll ever be DFA’d, though.

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  13. Had my doubts in the middle of the game, but what a nice comeback, beating Greinke and knocking him out of the game, no less…his first home loss after 10 wins. Really happy and proud of Puig; he’s becoming a bonafide baseball player.

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  14. The players might consider tonight just another win but I see it as a big win considering the loss last night and the playoff atmosphere. Beating Greinke twice this season makes me feel good.

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  15. Nice all got put back right with the world last night after it was tilted off its axis the night before.

    Two players I have to admit I was wrong about: Ryu and Puig.

    Jury’s still out on Hill.

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