31 thoughts on “# 14 – How Sweep It Is!!!

  1. Ryu

    7 – Innings
    96 – Pitches
    1 – Hit
    8 – K’s
    0 – Runs
    0 – Earned Runs
    0 – Base on Balls

    Ryu Darvish

    Yu gave up 3 hits and issued a walk, while striking-out 10, using 99 pitches.


    • Cody is on pace to bang 56 dongs and drive-in 131 runs, while playing excellent defense at both 1b and in the OF.
      If obtained, Bellinger would fly past Kris Bryant’s 2016 numbers of 39 dongs, with 102 runs driven-in .


  2. The next 51 games have the potential to surpass the previous 51 games played in the amount of pure derived pleasure…

    I await, eagerly, with blue-propeller-driven-passion!

    Let’s Go Dodgers, Lets Go!!


  3. God Bless Darren Daulton and family.

    “We played hard and did everything hard. It was fun, and that was what made us special,” Daulton once said of the improbable ’93 team.

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  4. I made a slight adjustment to the rapping duo’s theme song.

    MC Joey D here on the mic.
    Bringin’ y’all insight on the blue tonight
    Psych 55 and I are up rockin the booth
    Only thing we-be missing, are gold tooth’s
    88 rings and 79 wins
    (Orel beat-boxing, while tapping his ring hand knuckles)
    Deuces are wild
    As the big bombs rule
    Someone send Nomar, and the gang
    Something just as cool.


  5. Of course, the more we win, the more the pressure to win it all. Right now, if we don’t go all the way, it will be a failure….. Playoffs and post season are a whole different ballgame….

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  6. In the alternate universe we now live in it would take a train wreck to keep us out of the playoffs now. Everybody recognizes this and now I’m starting to see odds posted as to who is going to win the series and and at what percentage that chance is. That’s looking too far ahead but under these circumstances how could you not? The wild card will come out of our division, most likely, and these are good teams playing a short series. Assuming you win that series, you get the Cubs or Nationals, not exactly stiffs. I guess what I’m trying to say is we shouldn’t get to carried away with all this. Funny things happen, we’ve got a long way to go and we have not won anything yet.
    But I like our chances.

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