Brock Brock


Brock Brock ‘Em, Rock Rock ‘Em, Sock Sock ‘Em, Block Block ‘Em, Clock Clock ‘Em, Hock Hock ‘Em, Lock Lock ‘Em, Pock Pock ‘Em, Knock Knock ‘Em, Spock Spock ‘Em, Tick Tock ‘Em, Chock Chock ‘Em, Mock Mock ‘Em, Shock Shock ‘Em, Joc Joc ‘Em, Doc Doc ‘Em, just don’t Walk Walk ‘Em!

In Brock Stewart’s latest start, he was crippled by the errors committed by the defense around him.  His ERA in 2017 is still an unblemished 0.00.  His WHIP is a low 0.840, having given up just ten hits and four walks in 16 2/3 innings.

If you cannot discern Brock Brock in the above picture, he is the one in blue on the left.



48 thoughts on “Brock Brock

  1. Lineup

    Chase Chase Second Base
    Corey Corey ss
    Chris Chris lf
    Cody Cody 1b
    Joc Joc cf
    Logan Logan 3b
    Yasmani Yasmani c
    Yasiel Yasiel rf
    Brock Brock p

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    • Hershiser had just finished praising Baez for his ability to hit his target this year, when he hung that slider. Hershiser kinda went silent afterwards. Ned was on Dodger Talk last night. He said he was wagering this will become merely a hiccup and Baez will return to getting hitters out. He didn’t ante up any @realcashthough.


      • Baez was using off-speed pitches more frequently last night. The 1st 12 pitches were practically spot on. One took a dive into the dirt in front of the plate. That 13th pitch didn’t dive at all.



        • I’m not sure, but I think the pitch Baez spun into the dirt and the floater that went a mile, were supposed to be thrown in the same spot. That’s a pretty wide margin of error from the same pitch. Makes ya wonder why they called it? Especially from a guy who made his name with the fastball. Hershiser said Grandal wanted the 13th pitch low and away. The ball in the dirt was probably pitch number 9 or 10.

          I do think Baez has done better as of late, as Hershiser was saying, control wise. I also agree with Wally though. Baez is far from a lock. He’s more like blind mans donation cup.


    • I don’t know that they’re in a slump. They’re win % is still intact. They may not be banging balls out right and left these days, but it looks like guys are trying to hit the ball hard on a line. They have hit a lot of balls right back up the middle. They talk about this vs relying solely on the long ball. They are working harder for runs now, I think. Runs add up quick when you bang the ball out of the yard on a regular bases. When the playoffs come around, I doubt we see home-run after home-run. It’s probably gonna take hard work and skill to score runs.


      • They have scored on every pitcher who wasn’t with the

        Braves, Brewers or Angels.

        This must mean they are hitting some of the better arms in the league/league?

        In years prior…they would score on everyone, but the better arms in the league/leagues!


  2. Ned made a comment on DodgerTalk last evening that was chock full of insight.

    He said that Nomar explained how Cody Bellinger’s long swing was short in the aspect of getting to the baseball, his length is mostly in his follow through.

    Ned also preached like Socrates again last night…Why haven’t they made a bronzed bust of Neds mug and torso and turned that into a bobblehead?

    Hershiser was also talking about him being able to adjust to any part of the zone. I remember noticing how limber he is, in the way he went to the spot needed easily, that it is required to hit a pitch. He is also quick. Be-it with his hands, his feet, or his smile. Pretty impressive young man. Carry’s himself well in an interview too.

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    • An ambassador is a diplomatic representative that attends international meetings, banquets and parties and acts as a figurehead for their country of origin. Ambassadors are also known as diplomats, a more general term describing those that work in a foreign country while retaining citizenship in their home country.

      Does she get a blank check like when she was Ambassador of Chavez Ravine?

      She is definitely qualified for the international meetings, banquets and parties that are taking place over in France.

      Most politicians are corrupt. Doesn’t matter if you’re on the right, left, or in the middle.


  3. I can’t believe that someone hasn’t explained to Trump that Jamie McCourt’s wardrobe bill alone, for all of these shindigs. Will take up more than half of the money he is expecting to receive from Mexico for the border wall.


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