Hot in Atlanta


The Dodgers bring their red-hot team to Atlanta for a three game series.  They also bring their newly acquired starting pitcher, Yu Darvish, who last pitched on July 26th for the Texas Rangers.  Yu Darvish will have his first Dodgers start on Friday in New York City against the Mets.

Tonight’s game features Kenta Maeda against rookie Lucas Sims, who gets his first major league start tonight against the Dodgers.  Sims is a 23 year old right hander who has posted a 1.136 WHIP in AAA this year.

The Dodgers’ road record is 27-18, as opposed to their record of 47-13 while playing at Chavez Ravine.


37 thoughts on “Hot in Atlanta

  1. I’m liking this lineup:

    1. Chris Taylor (R) LF
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Cody Bellinger (L) 1B
    5. Joc Pederson (L) CF
    6. Logan Forsythe (R) 2B
    7. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    8. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    9. Kenta Maeda (R) P

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  2. Now that my buzz is gone…Since all of our pitchers have spent time on the 10 day. It only makes sense that they treat this as such with Darvish. Give him a little breather.


  3. The Braves pitch tough against the Dodgers so it is good to see Maeda pitch so well himself tonight. Joe and Orel have made a big point about Kenta responding well to the arrival of Darvish.

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  4. Yu Darvish is basically showcasing his talents for next 3 months for his next contract. If he does well, it will mean millions of dollars on his next contract. I think he may come up big….. At least, that is what I hope….

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  5. I just spent about a half an hour watching Darvish highlights.

    Including his near perfect game back in 2013.

    He has several variations of off-speed pitches including a floating curve such as Kershaw, different launch angle and look, but same effect. If your sitting on something hard, forget about hitting this pitch. He also has several different speeds at which to execute these pitches. The fastball didn’t look spectacular in the sense of Clemens or Ryan, but he’s bestowed excellent control with it in the past. If Yu brings his A game and shows that he can pinpoint pitches. He looks to be as good as anyone out there.

    With the off-speed stuff being the catalyst to his success. Getting his rhythm in-tact is probably paramount.

    Pertaining to him tipping his fastball. I watched video of him in Anaheim earlier this year…I couldn’t see anything, but he didn’t look all that sharp. And with his rhythmical delivery. I can see how an alignment problem may have come about?

    I look forward to Friday.

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    • By rhythmical delivery, I mean he is trying to spin the ball in a lot of different ways. Trying to do all this with the same feel and movement, I’d imagine, can become distracting.


  6. I’ve never seen him before…minus maybe his near perfect game highlights back in the day.

    Speaking of back in the day…I watch Gunsmoke – Mash – Andy Griffith with Ronny Howard



    No ESPN!
    No FOX!
    No Football
    No Basketball
    No Hockey

    This year, I have been trying to watch the opposing teams broadcast once during the series.

    It’s hard to beat MC Joey D and The Bulldog when they are having fun. They are wisdom fresh baby!

    The laughter and good times

    Doesn’t overpower and distract from the game…They use it kinda like the high-hat in a percussion set.




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