Marlins Game 2


Just when we thought the Dodgers winning streak would end with two runners left on base, Puig extended the streak with a big bang.  Will the offense surprise us again today?  Or will Alex Wood continue his own personal winning streak, and lead the Dodgers to victory by keeping the Marlins offense quiet?

Gametime:  4:10 pm PDT / 5:10 MDT / 6:10 CDT / 7:10 EDT


1. Chris Taylor (R) LF
2. Corey Seager (L) SS
3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
4. Cody Bellinger (L) 1B
5. Logan Forsythe (R) 2B
6. Joc Pederson (L) CF
7. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
8. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
9. Alex Wood (R) P

91 thoughts on “Marlins Game 2

  1. Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.
    Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.
    Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.
    Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.
    Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.
    Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.
    Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.
    Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.
    Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.
    Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.
    Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.
    Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.
    Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.
    Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.
    Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.
    Yasiel Puig is a crappy hitter.


    • I would like to know why/how this worked though?

      Did you hex the pitcher so that he would throw a fastball?

      Did you instil blind wisdom into Yasiel so that he would recognize the correct pitch in with which to swing at?

      Did Turner Ward install an invisible shock collar on #66?


  2. Everybody wants Sonny Gray…

    “Unsurprisingly, a large number of teams have been connected to Gray lately, including the Astros, Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Blue Jays, Cubs and Brewers.”

    Yesterday, Sonny Gray pitched six innings against the Indians, gave up 2 hits, 1 walk and no runs while striking out five with 100 pitches. Gray wil not be eligible for free agency until the 2020 season.

    Who would like to trade Yadier Alvarez and Willie Calhoun for 2 1/2 years of Sonny Gray? Sign me up.

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  3. I wonder who purchased that monstrosity in CF???

    For a small fee, I can splash the Rally Mummy with some mango fruit and rainbow paint.

    If they act fast it might even propel the fish into the post season.


    • I ran to grab a bite to eat and missed the cycle. I will rewind and watch it later though. I haven’t seen many cycles come about. The O-Dog was the last and really the only one I can remember, although, I know I’ve seen more even if only through highlights. The O-Dog is the only Dodger to hit one at Dodger Stadium if memory serves me well.

      Quite an accomplishment there for Cody!!!


  4. Woo-Hoo!! Win Streak at 8!! Another outstanding effort from Wood. Good job by the bullpen.

    How about Belly? Nice to see his bat heating up again. The rest of the offense wasn’t too shabby either.

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  5. I’ma need a lot of toppings for my sundae tonight.

    Hmmmmm…didn’t think this one all the way through!

    I have bacon and biscuits…they go good with milk, ice cream resembles milk…

    Time to take one for the team!!


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    • I’m gonna use the ice-cream in place of the milk in the gravy, then use the gravy in place of the hot-fudge…or maybe, I’ll just keep the hot-fudge too! I made dark-chocolate-bacon-bark one time and that stuff was the bomb! Then I will sprinkle some of the Baez topping over that…

      The Baez topping consist of Moldy Ganja!

      Oh, wait a second now. We don’t let the Ganja get moldy around here.


  6. I thought the Rocks and d-backs would hang in there too. Looks to me like they are both playing themselves right out of the wild card. The way the Dodgers are playing, they would have gradually increased their lead, but this all too easy right now.

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  7. I suppose its goes without saying, but hey, I guess the HR derby for BomBay, didnt mess up his swing for the second half run, here we go Dodgers Fans !

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  8. 28 4 17 13 24 18 5 2nd 9 hut-hut-hut hike

    Joey D leads the game off with a plethora of useless stats…all before the first out.


  9. Trayce Thompson is the epitome of an athlete based upon definition alone.

    One has to wonder though…how long he can cash a big league check using untapped potential?


  10. Let’s Go Boys!!

    It’s getting warm up in here and I need more toppings on my sundae than just some JT Strawberry!!

    Pop Rocks Baby!!

    Pop the Rock!!


  11. Even though it came against the Dodger, my favorite defensive play to watch is a catch that takes away a home run, especially when the player has to climb the wall and the ball clearly would have cleared the wall. It is the play I always wanted to make as an outfielder but never did. The closest I came was catching a foul ball while leaning over a chain link fence while playing left field in a Pony League game.


  12. It appeared that Yasiel apologized to the 1st baseman and explained his bad, about overreacting while being beaned, when he reached base in the next at bat!


  13. Another close game but a win nonetheless. This team is resilient! How refreshing! Still a ways to go but we always say it takes career years or big moments from a reserve player that leads to championships, and that is what’s happening with the Dodgers.

    As for Agon, my guess is he will be given opportunities to show he can still contribute when he is healthy but with a short leash. It could depend on the lead at the time how much playing time he gets. He deserves the chance while at the same time understanding the reality that this team has done well without him.

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    • I was just reminencing about the Kemp years.

      So I looked up his numbers to see how he’s been doing.

      While I was reading his stats, I rolled a fatty, so It may take a second or two, to finish this thought.

      Another pro…for toppings!!


  14. Can’t all be pretty, but a win’s a win.

    Thought – call up Calhoun for the two games vs. the Sox and see how he does at DHing. Thompson sucks anyway, so its not like we need him for a few games. I’m still of the mind that if they make to the WS, they could use Calhoun’s bat as a DH.

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  15. The ice-cream was unopened so it may be salvagable…

    Catch the Deefore report here on the D4News Network at 10pm for the verdict.


  16. Oh

    Rich Hill is looking pretty sexy these days…

    I can envision him fullfilling a dream of mine in the very near future!!


  17. Decaf Nomar was pretty smooth this series. He seemed to have slowed down a bit. I especially enjoy both him and
    Ole Maui Wowie 55 when they are not just breaking down the game/situation but actively joking with The Artist Formely Known As Emcee Joey D.

    It’s truly a sad deal that the tv thing is so fucked up!!

    This team is a good one as well.

    Just don’t go all fantasy league on us now, y’all here!!


  18. Y’all better book your seats!!!

    `Cause we about to Fillabusta …

    Cooperstown after these boys win the damn World Series!!!


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