Baseball is Back

The wretched in-season four day stay-cation from baseball is over.  Used to be, we only had to endure a three-day break every summer.  The MLB has managed to stretch that torture to four days.

Today (tonight depending on your time zone), the Dodgers start their three-game series with the Miami Marlins.  The first game features Brandon McCarthy against Dan Straily, both right-handed pitchers.


37 thoughts on “Baseball is Back

  1. Lineup

    1. Chris Taylor (R) LF
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Cody Bellinger (L) 1B
    5. Logan Forsythe (R) 2B
    6. Joc Pederson (L) CF
    7. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    8. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    9. Brandon McCarthy (R) P

    Let’s hope McCarthy has fully recovered from his yips. Let’s go Dodgers!

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  2. I for one find it odd that the guy with the least power is batting fifth. Old School lineup:

    fast guy who gets on base
    guy who can handle the bat for all situations
    best pure hitter
    power guy with a good average
    power guy with a bad average
    power guy with next to no average
    crappy hitter
    crappy hitter

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  3. McCarthy pitching in and out of trouble like a #5 starter. Here’s what we’ve got for starting pitching:

    Kershaw #1
    Wood #1-A
    Hill #4
    McCarthy #5
    Maeda #6
    Ryu #6
    Urias injured
    Kazmir #8

    We could use a solid #3 pitcher (like Sonny Gray!)


    • Sometimes McCarthy pitches like a #3, but I can’t trust him to not get the yips again in the playoffs. Maeda is maybe a #5, but that doesn’t help us in the playoffs.


      • We just need for Kersh, Wood, and Mac to stay healthy. Hill is the big question. He was sigined to be our #2. If he stays blister free and pitches like he has in the past, we are in business.


  4. If anyone has any doubts the Dodgers have magic on their side, those doubts have been dashed by the worst clutch/ pressure hitter on the team hitting a go ahead home run in the ninth inning. Puig has hit the ball well tonight but he looked his usual overmatched self until the pitcher forgot who was hitting and lost focus. Puig made him pay. Yep, great 8th position hitter confirmed, at least today.

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  5. Woo-Hoo!! 7 game win streak!! Hooray Puig.

    Outstanding job by our bullpen.

    Just hope Roberts doesn’t get any bright ideas about moving Puig up in the order. If it ain’t broke, don’t go messing with it Doc.

    Go Dodgers!!

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  6. Things are looking real good about now, but we’re not going to get three dingers a night against playoff caliber teams (there I go,assuming we’ll get in). We’ll need a quality starter and left handed reliever to compete. We could, I suppose, carry all these mediocre starters with the attitude they only go through the opposing lineup once but that would probably cripple the bench. Not very realistic. Erase that.


  7. About the only thing I remember about last years team, was that Culberson had a walk-off on Vinnys last game. Most everything else…I would have to look up.

    The year the team made the about face and went on a rampage with Donnie at the helm was a fun team.

    This team is so much fun. Not a single commenter made reference to beating Donnie Baseball at baseball last night.

    Imagine that!

    Culbersons walk-off stands out for a reason.

    This team must do better than the Culberson game, to be forever remembered, refreshingly.

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  8. First place Dodger teams always come with ice-cream.

    Plain ice-cream doesn’t do the first half of 2017 justice though, so, going forward a change is in order.

    It also seems that in this day and age…Stats are the in-thing. Just look at any article, be-it, local, national, or off of the internet and you’re bound to run across some out-of-the-way stat…you’ll probably even run across a herd of inane out-of-the-way stats…all grunting and moo-ing for greener airspace.

    I think it would benefit all of us more…if instead of stats, we just throw toppings on a big ass bowl of ice-cream.

    Plain old ice-cream would just be the base to begin from.

    With each win, or anytime a player does something outstanding, toppings should be added.

    Chopped Nuts
    Maraschino Cherry
    Whipped Cream

    How much fun has this team been so far???

    What topping/combination of toppings – would you invent, to add to the magic mountain of moo-moo goodness?


  9. Bubba Update:

    The kid gets into all of my shit, all day, everyday…I think he wants to go fishing, he keeps bringing me the pole. It’s been over 100 degrees for a while now and will be for a while yet! Batting practice is at 7 am in the shady part of the yard. Monday maybe we will go find some fish instead though?

    Oh and when I sit on the bench during batting practice…he stops, walks over to the bench and pushes my ass back onto the ball-field. We drive by the Little-League field every time we go somewhere. He gets the running thing now.

    He’s is changing daily…He runs around things inside the house and I can’t catch him. He thinks this is highly amusing – as I inhale the bronchodilater…

    I think it is highly amusing to watch him eat a yogurt cup using a spoon. It took him one full week to figure out that if you hold the spoon one direction, the yogurt falls onto your belly-button. It took me one full day to learn he needs to eat this with his shirt off. He is still bat-flipping his food when he’s done though…



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