Trade Talks


The trade deadline is coming up in 2 1/2 weeks.  What are the Dodgers greatest needs?  Who is available?  Who should be “untouchable”?

The Dodgers had a great first half of the regular season.  They are seen as a shoo-in to make the playoffs.  But what moves should they make to ensure the greatest possible success throughout the playoffs and in the World Series?

First, who are the young players they could use as trade pieces?  My opinion is that Walker Buehler is the only “untouchable”.  He’s got a 99 mph fastball and a wicked curve ball.  He won’t help the Dodgers this season, but will likely come up sometime in 2018.  Alex Verdugo is a potential trade chip.  He has hit well in AAA, so he could come to the Dodgers and replace Joc Pederson or Yasiel Puig.  But Verdugo has not shown the power nor speed that would make him a regular in the Dodgers lineup.  Willie Calhoun has the power and the hitting, but doesn’t have the glove to stick at second base.  He will be a left-fielder or designated hitter for someone.

Now let’s get into the Dodgers’ needs for the playoffs.  We’ll split this up by starting pitching, relief pitching, and position players.

The Dodgers are all set for the playoffs with their starting pitchers, starting with Clayton Kershaw and Alex Wood.  What’s that?  You can’t have a two man rotation in the playoffs?  Oh, okay.  The next two that could be in a four man rotation are Rich Hill and Brandon McCarthy.  The problem with Rich Hill is that he had an awful start to 2017 and only recently has shown he can pitch well – just in his last two to three starts.  The problem with McCarthy is that he is subject to the yips, meaning that sometimes he just pitches about 10 feet wide of home plate.

Who could be added as a starting pitcher through a trade?  Looking at potential sellers at the trade deadline has led the rumor mill to Sonny Gray of the A’s and Justin Verlander of the Tigers.  I would trade for Sonny Gray, who could help us this year and many years beyond.

Looking at the current bullpen, it is scary to think that Luis Avilan is our best left-handed reliever.  We cannot go into the playoffs without an effective left-handed reliever.  We may or may not like to also add another effective right-handed reliever.  Left-handed relievers who are “available” include Sean Doolittle of the A’s, Justin Wilson of the Tigers, and Zach Britton of the Orioles.

As far as position players go, the weakest area looks to be the outfield.  Chris Taylor is doing a good job filling in at left field.  But Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig are not offensive powerhouses.  It would be great to add a high-impact bat in the outfield.  That person could be JD Martinez of the Tigers.  The other possibility would be to trade for a first baseman, and move Cody Bellinger back to the outfield.

What are your thoughts regarding potential trades between now and July 31st?


24 thoughts on “Trade Talks

  1. J.D. Martinez has been a stud hitter ever since he moved from the Astros to the Tigers. He is a free agent after this season.


  2. Welcome to the worst two days in the sports world year: the Wednesday and Thursday following Tuesday’s All Star Game. Other than WNBA and NBA summer league, not much happens these two days so I understand the talk turning to trade rumors. With the Dodgers unwilling to trade prospects the past two seasons when the team had more holes than it does now, I am not sure how willing management is to do so now. It could be argued the best of those prospects are now on the major league roster so there might not be the same reluctance to make a trade as there has been and the needs now are so much more specific. So I would not be surprised to see something happen. Clearly management puts a lot value on athleticism and versatility so a player with limited ability might expendable.

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  3. Verdugo’s hitting .320+ and is one of the youngest players in AAA. I hold him for at least another season to see if he can develop power. Taylor [I think] is a flash in the pan and by next year LF could be Verdugo’s at some point. If Verdugo is involved In a trade, it’d better be for someone they control for more than half a season.

    Buehler’s in next season’s rotation at some point and to me is completely untouchable.

    Alvarez and Calhoun though might be a good starting point for something back of import. Calhoun’s destiny is that of a DH. Selling high on him now might not be a bad idea. Not sure what to make of Alvarez. He’s taken a tumble in the ratings, but anyone that can hit triple digits has value. There are umpteen throw in pieces “to get it done”, both hitters and pitchers.

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  4. The writers have to put something on the web and I see the Dodgers and Astros are co-favorites to win the series on some sites. We’ve got a long way to go before we get there and to do that I think we need another starter. At least a #3. We need more than two good ones, I mean we couldn’t get it done with Kershaw and that guy on the d-backs. I also would not give up any top prospects for Verlander or a rental. Puig and Pedersen have shown some life, so I wouldn’t be in a big hurry to move them unless there was a definite upgrade. I keep thinking about that right fielder we got from the A’s last year with Hill who sucked. I don’t remember his name.
    Anyway, a quality starter and left handed reliever top my wish list.

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