Bombay at the HR Derby

Today at 5 pm PDT on ESPN, Cody Bellinger will see what he can do to rectify the Dodgers’ record in the Home Run Derby.  Helping Cody will be his father, Clay Bellinger, who will pitch to him in the HR Derby.  I think this is the first time that a former MLB player has pitched to his son in the Home Run Derby.  Good luck Cody!


29 thoughts on “Bombay at the HR Derby

  1. First round – Cody against Charlie Blackmon.

    Second round – if successful, Cody faces the winner of Aaron Judge or Justin Bour

    Finals – if successful, Cody faces Giancarlo Stanton, Gary Sanchez, Mike Moustakos, or Miguel Sano.

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  2. Cody did well to make it to the second round but he will have his hands full against Judge. This is not an easy competition, both for the opponents but also the physical challenge. My only hope is these guys hit that hideous thing in centerfield enough times to bust it into pieces.

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  3. I prefer to ignore Madden and listen to Kershaw. I have no issues with Clayton not pitching in the AS game nor do I care if he starts. If it is important to him, so be it. I know Kershaw is not trying to impress anyone but himself and we have all bought into the high standards he has set. Of course I want to see Dodger players perform well in any game and the fickle media will jump on whatever it sees as the compelling story. No one seemed to care that Cody Bellinger did not win last night nor hit a bunch of bombs; his story was enough.

    I am sure the front office is well aware of the successes and “failures” of the first half of the season. The fact the team has overcome these failures should not be taken lightly. I believe management planned for “failures” and fortunately things have worked out well so far. While pitching is still a huge part of any team’s success, the fact the Dodgers are hitting better and scoring more runs is why the Dodgers are where they are and hopefully, the offense will continue producing enough runs to win games when the team gives up a bunch of runs. I am also confident the team will attempt to improve and will not hesitate to cut someone loose who is not performing. We shall see.


  4. Back from Cal and the Dodgers continued to roll during my absence. I wore my hat during my tour of giants country and their poor showing this year has their fans keeping a low profile. Only one comment on my LA hat. I still can’t help but think they will be a thorn in someone’s side before this is over.

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  5. First Half Grades:

    Totally Acceptable, Acceptable, Barely Acceptable, Unacceptable, Totally Unacceptable

    Barnes: Acceptable.
    Grandal: Acceptable.
    Forsythe: Barely Acceptable.
    AGon: Unacceptable.
    Segar: Acceptable.
    Taylor: Acceptable.
    Turner: Totally Acceptable.
    Utley: Acceptable.
    Bellinger: Acceptable.
    Kiki: Acceptable.
    Pederson: Barely Acceptable.
    Puig: Barely Acceptable.

    Avian: Barely Acceptable.
    Baez: Acceptable.
    Dayton: Barely Acceptable.
    Hatcher: Unacceptable.
    Hill: Barely Acceptable.
    Jansen: Totally Acceptable.
    Kazmir: Totally Unacceptable.
    Kershaw: Totally Acceptable.
    Liberatore: Barely Acceptable.
    Maeda: Barely Acceptable.
    McCarthy: Acceptable.
    Morrow: Acceptable.
    Romo: Unacceptable.
    Ryu: Unacceptable.
    Stewart: Acceptable.
    Stripling: Acceptable
    Wood: Incredibly Acceptable…..

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    • I totally agree with your first half grades. Here are a few more, change them if you disagree.

      Roberts: Acceptable
      Thompson: Totally Unacceptable
      Urias: Unacceptable
      Front Office: Barely Acceptable
      Toles: Acceptable (his performance before accident). I don’t downgrade him for his injury.

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      • I’d like to submit a slightly different scale:

        F – Flotsam
        U- Unacceptable
        K – Kinda Bad
        T – Turds

        I call it the FUKT rating system. I’d say SVS, Thompson, Hatcher and Romo are totally FUKT, whereas Ryu, Avilan, Gutierrez and AGon have had a little upside, so they’re FUKT UP.

        The rest of the team didn’t qualify.

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        • I’d like to see what Calhoun’s got. More power than Verdugo, and if he does well and we end up making it to the series, he may be the perfect DH.

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  6. Also agree with jhall.
    I haven’t watched the all star game yet, got home during the sixth, but from what I can gather mlb is promoting more of a media circus, more than in the past. I guess I’m too old school, remembering when Aaron, Mays, Rose, etc. went in there to win. Now it seems like it’s an excuse to sell some stupid looking uniforms.

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  7. Hmmm fortunate the AS game was in Miami, where the Dodgers open up on Friday. Im sure they all came to Puig’s mom’s house for some cuban eats, and kiki is close, big Dodger machine chilling for the rest of the Marathon to the Playoffs

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