Happy Kershaw Day!

Clayton Kershaw

Just in case any of us think that the Dodgers will struggle today because of a pre All Star Game letdown, or whatever, here’s a reminder.  Clayton Kershaw starts today!


22 thoughts on “Happy Kershaw Day!

  1. The courtship of Orel Hershiser…co starring Joe Davis.

    Hey Bulldog!!

    It just wasn’t the same yesterday without you.

    Emcee Joey D and the Bulldog compliment each other so very, very well.

    Best broadcast team in baseball!


  2. It almost seems that when the weather heats up, so does Kersh. It’s like he puts it into a gear nobody else has.


  3. Clayton implemented the baby-leg-kick on that swing…he put the foot down early as if he wasn’t quite ready for this offensive maneuver.


    • Successfully spinning a baseball and keeping the majority of those pitches thrown, in the lower-half of the zone…

      He hits his spots and doesn’t let the moment eat him up.

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    • What a freakin’ East Coast biased story from ESPN! That’s what we’ve come to expect from the company from Bristol, Connecticut. Correction for you, ESPN: Cody “Bombay” Bellinger has six two-homer games, not just five. Check your facts, you biased morons.


  4. I was following the game on my daughter’s phone. Except for Hosmer’s HR, it was very exciting, especially when I noticed that Kershaw pitched the entire game, I let out a shout in the cafe, that made people think I was nuts. Especially those moaning over the Mets and the Yankees.
    7 1/2 games is a nice pillow to lie on over the All-Star break.

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  5. The first half was exceptional. It seemed like every game had a different hero. I wouldn’t do much to change our team for the drive in the 2nd half. A pitcher or two would do for me. Not very confident with Maeda and Ryu. Just think….if Andrew Toles wouldn’t have sustained the horrific injury, our team would have been completely different.

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