Royals @ Dodgers


Now that Pantone 294 has helped Mike Moustakas get to the All-Star team, Moustakas and the Royals are coming to Dodger Stadium for a pre-ASG three game series.  The Dodgers will be throwing Kenta Maeda, Brandon McCarthy, and Clayton Kershaw at the Royals.  The Royals will be throwing Jason Hammels, Ian Kennedy , and Danny Duffy (lefty) at the Dodgers.

The Dodgers are 23-4 in their last 27 games.  The Royals are 18-6 in their last 24 games.  Get ready for another wild series.


30 thoughts on “Royals @ Dodgers

  1. Lineup

    Revitalized Logan 3b
    Cagey Corey ss
    Crystal Chris lf
    Bombay Corey 1b
    Joc Jack cf
    grand-ALL c
    Uncle Utley 2b
    Little Puiggy rf
    Kenta Can Do It p

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  2. Alex Wood has given up only 5.6 hits per nine innings pitched in 2017. His lowest previous season stat for this was 2014, when he gave up 7.9 hits per nine innings pitched.

    Wood is Good

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  3. I was wondering how good the Dodgers could be if they could ever combine the usually good pitching with timely hitting, especially with runners in scoring position with just enough power to keep things interesting. I think we are finally seeing this happen. Hopefully the boys can keep it going.

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  4. The Dodgers have won their division 4 years in a row, and often by what I called smoke and mirrors. Somehow the team overcame the shortcomings to get to the playoffs, where the weaknesses got exposed.

    We still have a ways to go but this season there are no smoke and mirrors; every player is making a contribution and playing good, smart baseball. They go about their business but still look like they are having fun. How refreshing.

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  5. Last night was one of those grind’em out wins. Nothing spectacular or flashy, just solid baseball. A good solid W after a highly emotional game and series.

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  6. I didn’t know Marshall Dillon had a deputy named Chester, before Festus!

    Talk about coming from behind during a series.

    Hell, its a double feature. I have Daniel Boone now too. This is a first for me…

    Fess Parker – 6 foot five and one half…


    The Indian Chief passed away.

    This show tugs on your heart-strings a little!!

    The Virginian came on after Daniel Boone.

    I think it’s a story about Chris Taylor?!?!?


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