World Series Ring or Bust



Alex Wood has performed like an All – Star for half a season. Wood Boat has out-performed Kershaw, so far if you ask me.

Justin Turner

Justin Turner has performed like an MVP for half a season. Turners leg-kickin`ology has transformed itself into an assembly line…it seems to have been picked up by others on the squad. His hit streaks and batting average have become everyday success stories as well.

Kenley isn’t mistaken when he says the fan vote wasn’t strong enough to close-the-deal for both of the above players.

Having the team on TV for the masses, would have been highly, highly, beneficial too.


I will counter with

Having not won a World Series in any of  the recent attempts, would bare as much weight.

Win one and I’m betting this problem works itself out.

This squad has posted All Star first half numbers…








32 thoughts on “World Series Ring or Bust

    • Not as impressive as a swing and miss in person to see just how hard and vicious he swings, and I swear he’d cut someone in half if he hit it right at them, but here are his first 21 homers:

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      • I’ve seen him swing now…

        Winfield was 6′ 6′ 220 lbs

        He’s 60 lbs heavier than Winfield was…


        He don’t look fat!!


  1. Dodger fans taking some heat for not stuffing the All Star vote. The TV deal gets some blame but it would seem there are enough Dodger fans regardless of how they follow the team to make a difference. But I am as much to blame as anyone since I voted only at the end and only a few times. I do not like the process nor do I approve of the fan vote. Obviously this has not helped change the system.


  2. Wally, I think Adrian Gonzalez has been good for the Dodgers. Yes, perhaps the end of his career is in sight but you and many others have been saying that for quite some time. Eventually you will be right. I do agree the Crawford situation was not good but the Dodgers were looking for star power and Gonzo was a good fit. He has always been a team player with a great attitude, something that was missing when other veterans came to the Dodgers. He has been solid at first base and at the plate. And I am sure the Dodgers have insurance on all the big contract guys.


    • Depends on the perspective berk. If you look at it from an individual player standpoint, then he had a good 4-year run with the Dodgers. If you look at it as a collective of the whole trade, then you have to ask if his performance was worth $50M-$60M a year, which is about what they paid for him.


  3. Glad to get the win. I am sure Roberts was sweating it out in the 7th. The infield hit took all the pressure off him with Kershaw’s pitch count climbing. Ready to enjoy the fireworks.


  4. Bellinger was way out of position on the infield single. The ball was hit to where a 2nd baseman should be playing. This is the second time this has happened with young Cody manning 1st base. They need to tidy-up his roving area a tad bit over there.

    Kershaw’s getting really close, to becoming really good…you know really good on another level, the one nobody else can reach…

    Let’s Go, Wood Boat!!


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