Austin Barnes and The Hooligan Bus


If you’re happy and you know it, explode your hands!!


44 thoughts on “Austin Barnes and The Hooligan Bus

  1. Cody has been very quiet the last few games. Pitchers are adjusting. Kiki has also cooled off. So far this team has been very good at someone stepping up when another is struggling. Could turn out to be a very special team.

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  2. Hammer down! Lots of people contributing, something good teams do. Looking good for us right now with the Rocks falling back and putting a game or two on AZ. The giants are too far back to think they’ll be contenders, but they are starting to win and will probably be trouble for somebody down the road.
    I’m off the Calif for 10-14 days and I know all of you will hold the fort and keep us in first place.

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  3. Against a lineup that was shitty even by Padres standards, Kenta Maeda basically shit the bed, having no idea where any of his pitches were going. Not only did he constantly get behind hitters, but he tended to miss middle-middle when he did throw strikes.

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    • At least the bullpen corps of Pedro Baez, Josh Fields, Luis Avilan, and Brandon Morrow showed more what it was supposed to be like with 4.1 scoreless innings, allowing just three hits and a walk while striking out six.

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  4. I think they are saying we were pathetic last night. I totally agree. It seems like Grandal is all or nothing. He is either red hot or ice cold.


  5. Bubba took off with his Daddy today, so I had a chance to relax and sip a cup of Java. It’s kinda nice 🙂

    I also threw up a new thread…


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