Big Rockies Series

Every time the Dodgers travel to Denver, we wonder how the Dodgers will outhit the Rockies at the mile-high stadium.  But this time, the Rockies have to be wondering whether they can keep up with the Dodgers’ three home run per game pace.


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    • That is sad. I am still wondering about what Beav said. If they had worked him harder, would he be stronger and not be subject to this kind of injury? We may never know.

      Dodgers will definitely be looking for pitching help at the trade deadline.


  1. Woo-Hoo!! Win Streak!!! Very nice overall effort by the boys in blue. Outstanding effort by Wood.

    Sure hope Seagers injury is not serious. Fingers crossed.

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  2. Kershaw’s gopher balls and Seager’s health seem to be the biggest worries at this time, to me.


  3. It’s great to see the Dodgers continued their winning streak and everything that could’ve gone right over the last 16 games, did. I passed up last night’s game to get some rest and will be headed to Staten Island, today, to take in a SI. Yankee game with my daughter Claudine, so I’ll miss today’s game as well.
    Here’s hoping the Dodgers can keep up the good work.
    GO DODGERS!!!!

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  4. Gute is going on the 10 day.

    How many games has he played?

    The Over/Under has been blindly set at 9?

    35 games and 56 trips to the plate.

    Gute does have 8 hits though…and 16 K’s.

    Agon and him are practically setting the same pace…

    .339 SLG% for both


  5. Dodgers sweep Rox, hope the dodgers are this hot and lucky in October, rockies actually gave this series away. except wood’s game, walking in runs on saturday and WPs today, wow pressure?

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  6. Weird, ugly game, but a win none the less. I’m concerned about McCarthy, though. We’re going to need a solid, good #3 to compete late in the year and it’ll be much simpler if the yips go away and don’t come back.

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