Mt. Everest Was Once A Hill

“It’s awesome to see the team doing well,” he [Hill] said. “We’ve gone 10-1. But I look at that and see that one loss and think, ‘That was me’ (laughs). … You don’t want to walk around with such a poopy diaper all the time. Be optimistic. I’ve caught myself a couple times this year.”


Hill seemed to have lost his focus last time out after allowing his first runner. Until that moment he looked pretty solid.


21 thoughts on “Mt. Everest Was Once A Hill

  1. I don’t know if the tv deal is hurting the AS vote or not. I haven’t voted, mainly because it is pain and I never liked the idea of fan voting.

    I too am saddened by Ethier’s absence but maybe he gets a chance to get a big hit before this season ends. I think Agon will be back.

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  2. Woo-Hoo!! Win Streak!!

    Very encouraging outing by RHill.. We really need him to step up.

    What did I say. Keep Joc and Puig in the 7 and 8 position. They will deliver there.

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  3. It is becoming obvious. We are going to have to take of business against the D’Backs and Rocks to win the west. They are good teams and I don’t see them going away… I also look for the damn G’nats to play spoiler. They are not as bad as they have played so far. It is going to be an exciting summer….

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. It is interesting all the attention Puig Gets. I know he brought on himself early on with his splash and bravado, but this year he has been pretty quiet, and playing well, until the cleveland fan salute. I really dont think he took an unusually long look at his HR last night, Ive seen the same from other ballplayers, but when he does it, Oh my, to assure it gets the media going, Wilmer at first has to comment as puig rounds First, the Mets Catcher gets in his ear as Puig crosses Home to greet his teamamates, and then their seems to be some brotherly tutoring going on with cespedes and another in the OF with Puig between innings.
    Maybe Puig will think about the Mets commentary, and after he hits another HR tonight, takes his trot and just smile all the way around and in to the dugout. Point made, without any talking or gestures. Then again, if he raises his hands in joy and relishes the accolades from the Fans, that is cool too. It seems he can’t please everyone, so he might as well enjoy the moment and himself, and to quote “Fusck” to the sour grapes Mets.
    Any wagers that a Dodger will be hit by a pitch tonight.?


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