Is The TV Deal Finally Catching Up to the Dodgers???


Yes, I am harping on the crappy TV problem again.  But now, with the Dodgers having a banner year, they have ZERO players leading at their positions.  Kasten…Magic…Walter…NOW you see what’s happening as time erodes your product. How can people get excited about voting when they never see the team play?


45 thoughts on “Is The TV Deal Finally Catching Up to the Dodgers???

  1. I haven’t voted for anybody.

    I know who’s deserving enough to be there.

    The All -Star game means very little to me…


  2. Let it be known that I D4 have coined the phrase Codong 35…

    What is Codong 35?

    Codong 35 is an anti-depressant.

    Codong 35 will be released only through MLB during their annual – Most Productive Dong Derby.


  3. If you could vote and not go through a drawn out process, I’d have done it. I suppose it’s easy enough to unsubscribe from unwanted mlb messages later, but I didn’t bother. I mean, how many times is it you can vote now?

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  4. This could have the makings of a Big Blue Machine. Do we have another rookie in the wings (Calhoun maybe) to make this an infield to remember? The pitching is finally coming around, as long as we don’t have some other DL breakdown. Go for it all this year, guys! I can almost forget about the Guggenheims.

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  5. The Rocks beat AZ and our old pal Greinke last night and sis that lives in Phoenix thinks he’s still working for the Dodgers. That series this weekend should be some good baseball and I’m real interested to see which team takes it.
    Looking at the outfield, I don’t see a bat you would want to replace a healthy (key word) Gonzalez with, so I’m wondering if Bellinger will return to left and we see how much Adrian has left in the tank. Personally, I’m not ready to give up on him, though his days as the everyday first baseman are obviously numbered. He could be invaluable coming off the bench or he could help us in a trade for pitching. If he can no longer be effective then he should be shown some appreciation and let go in a professional manner. He’s been a pro and I think he’ll exit like a pro.

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  6. You know a healthy RBI machine like Gonzo coming off the bench fits right in historically with Mota, or hanson, I doubt anybody will give up first rate pitching for Agone.

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    • Ethier is an extra bench coach. Dude has scarcely played in almost 2 years. He’s not competitive enough anymore. Agon is a different story. Healthy he can still produce with the bat.

      I like them both.

      Just relaying my thoughts on the subject.

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      • I feel bad for Ethier. Every athlete wants to go out on his own terms, but Ethier has definitely rolled snake eyes the past two years. Both he and Agon are fighting back problems. Now, we’ve all had stiff backs, but when that nerve is getting pinched–OUCH, very disabling!

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  7. I went to local market to get Bubba some grapes and a nice lady stopped me and said Dodgers huh! Aren’t they fun to watch right now. I said have you seen many games. She said them all. Care to guess who her favorite player was?
    She raised her voice and said how about that Bellinger?

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    • I’ve been here since 1991 and I’ve been asked about the Dodgers twice. And I always wear my cap. I was sporting the 2014 cap today. Too hot for the new one.


  8. If Bombay or Taylor cool off, then A-Gon can come back in the line up when 100% healthy. If not, he can ride the pine.


  9. This is week three with Bubba. I can’t remember ever having this much fun. The kid has really warmed up to me too. He’s fairly easy to take care of, until you give him sugar…he gets into everything and when he gets caught, you can see by the look in his eyes that he is calculating your next move…he’s getting really good at it too. He’s got the heart and soul of Walter Payton and moves like Barry Sanders…Trying to tackle him is usually what wears me out.

    Mama is gone about 14 hours…


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