Strengths and Weaknesses


Let’s hear your thoughtful opinions about player #1 – (22) Clayton Kershaw.


47 thoughts on “Strengths and Weaknesses

  1. “It’s been a long time coming” for these two franchises. 29 years for the Dodgers, 31 for the Mets. Kershaw needs to get the Dodgers over the hump and win a championship. Unfortunately, that’s how careers are measured.

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  2. Why is it? That at times, the best pitcher on the planet cannot pitch his way out of trouble!?!

    What might amount to the best mental make-up ever with his ability to limit mistakes and keep the opposing teams players from advancing upon the base-paths…

    An arsenal that also includes…

    Public Enemy #1

    Factor that with his patented

    “Stare of Determination!”


    During certain high pressure situations…

    Nothing works!

    Explain me this…


  3. Let us analyze the impact of run support…

    Not just in the way of surpassing the other teams overall score, but as a stepping stone for the guy on the hill when he is reaching for answers…

    If said pitcher goes into the dugout after struggling…

    Does it help when his offense plates runs of it’s own vs an offense that looks flat?

    Or is this type of thinking, a non factor. He’s on his own either way?

    Does having a regular assortment of fielders behind him make a difference?

    How about his batterymate?

    Or, is he again on his own either way?

    What about with the bat…when he produces on offense himself, does it lift his concentration and adrenaline?

    Let’s not overlook a robust road crowd…

    Do jeers vs cheers unsettle a pitchers nerves??

    Are these emotions the same during the post-season as during the regular season?

    Man! Come to think of it…the guy heading to the mound sure has a lot of problems to deal with…Why the fuck does he even go out there?

    Doesn’t he know the entire world is out to get him and he on his own!!

    The other 8 guys run away from that area of the field…some run farther than others.

    The pitcher is crazy!!

    I’m not sure you can define a pitcher…

    I know.

    The 55 Equators guy will certainly try…

    …and I will certainly listen.

    Remembering though, I cannot guarantee!!


  4. P.S. Just once, instead of shaking off the catchers call. I’d like to see the pitcher use the universal crane signal for lower boom and raise load!!!


  5. Unfortunately, until Kershaw helps the club win a WS or two, his legacy will suffer. But there is no doubt he is the best pitcher in Dodger history if longevity is considered. I do think we have not seen his most dominant self this season and he still is great.

    How much longer can the Dodgers, D’backs and Rockies keep up this pace?

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  6. Bubba won’t eat anything but cheap-ole-white bread today, granddad ran out of grapes. (Actually mama said to toss em. Bubba and I protested this move, but our efforts were denied). If I put something on it, he won’t eat it. 4 slices already.

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        • I explained to him that there is zero nutritional value in them there rocks. I explained how even know he has shiny new teeth, they’re no match for them there rocks. I explained to him that the dog peed on them there rocks. It was at that moment his eyebrows shrugged and he muttered, Roh!

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  7. Bellinger is unbelievable. That ball just rockets off his bat.

    Turner looks like he’s finding his power stroke also.

    Now if we can just get Seager to start smacking the ball like we know he can…

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  8. Bombs Away Again! The great blue dodger in the sky is telling me that this is the year. The Rockies and D-Backs will keep pushing the Dodgers to get better. Then the blue boys will surpass them and ride the momentum straight to a seventh World Series title.

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    • Yet, I find myself rooting for both. Fields has been effective before. He had a hiccup in the Spring, then revved it up. We shall find out if he can do such again? I kinda like Romo…It would be nice if he could show some
      Dodger love back, by getting people out…


    • Just thought of something…Kersh was dripping with sweat before even thowing his first pitch. 1st really warm game could have played a role in his control problems.


  9. I see where AGon got an epidural and hopes to return before the All
    Star Break…

    Do us a favor AGone. Just go away…..


  10. Gonna need help with a new thread today…Wally has covered some position players he believes need to amp it up…Birk asked about the pace of the NL West.

    Ryu didnt give up homeruns yesterday, so we’re starting to see progress…enjoy the afternoon folks…


  11. Say what you want about Gonzalez and the trade that brought him here, he’s been a pro. His days are obviously numbered, if not over as an everyday player in Los Angeles, and I expect him to exit as a pro.
    Still delusional.
    Kershaw and his home runs are weird. At first look it didn’t seem as though the pitches were that bad, but looking again, they were left out over the plate. The bats picked him up, so screw it, on to the next one.


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