29 thoughts on “Hulk-a-Maeda

    • He needed a little motivation…Wally supplied it. Forsythe has a had a rough go so far…I don’t think he’s even broken the surface as far as what he can contribute.

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  1. This powder – powerful offense, sure has given the pitching staff some relief, as they gear-back-up from all the 10 day carousel rides the front office was handing out.


  2. I wonder how far Puig can chuck the pigskin?

    I’ll bet that would be a funny segment. Give Puig a baseball and then a football and have him chuck them both from the CF warning track…have the other players cross the infield like moving targets…Joey D can help him out of course…


  3. Woo-Hoo!! Sweep!!

    Encouraging outing from Maeda. The bullpen really sucked today except for Kenley and Avilan. I guess they can’t be perfect all the time. Forsythe finally showing signs of life. I hope he gets it turned around.

    Go Giants and Phillies.

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  4. Bully’s been imploding most of the road trip. Its obvious that Fields is turning back into the pumpkin he normally is. Fortunately Kenley’s got their backs.

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    • Ain’t it wonderful… The G’nats suck…… However, they are not to be overlooked. They will be playing to derail us. That is all they have left.

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