Hang Your Hat, Not Your Curve

Washington Nationals v Los Angeles Dodgers

당신의 모자, 아니라 당신의 커브를 꽉


22 thoughts on “Hang Your Hat, Not Your Curve

        • Just because he’s aging and his eyes arent as good as they once were…doesnt constitute being a turd in the punch-bowl. Charleys a good guy.


          • This is the first full season of Joe Davis…and I like what he brings too. Even if I’ve already heard half his stories twice.


            • It’s a tough job…Orel makes it look easy. He can always get his mind to break something down in a fresh way. Now if he’d just stop slouching and sit up straight.

              I’m worried he’s gonna miss next seasons OTG, due to rounded shoulder.


  1. Bubba went to see his other grandpa…he’s gonna come home wanting to play soccer and box (Boom-Boom). The soccer part is easy…but Bubba’s getting big, he can see crap on top of the counters now…We ain’t got no referee. He’ll just come up and slug ya’!! Boom Boom!! Sad part is, Big Bird and I are teaching him to count ta’ 10!!

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  2. Woo-Hoo!!!! Win Streak!!!!

    Nice job by Ryu to hang in there and grind. I didn’t think he was going to make it out of the 3rd inning. That DP really saved his day.

    Does Forsythe suck or what?? What a bum.

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  3. Maeda trots to the hill carrying the Pride flag this afternoon.

    HulkMania turned HulkMaeda and it shall be a battle for the ages.


    • I threw the ingredients for Irish Stew in a crock pot before I went to bed…What an awesome aroma to arise too…oh , and I made an apple pie during yesterdays game…11:10 am brunch`e…

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