Wood Boat – Ohio River Edition

Utley – 2B

Seager – SS

Turner – 3B

Bellinger – 1B

Taylor – LF

Grandal – C

Pederson – CF

Puig – RF

Wood – P


11 thoughts on “Wood Boat – Ohio River Edition

  1. Wood looks very good. I think the Dodgers are too anxious up there. A little patience I think they could’ve scored some more runs.


  2. Not a great game by most of the lineup Taylor, Pederson, and Wood got it done. Especially Wood. Outstanding pitching performance and a key rbi. The offense was rather bleak.

    Wood, star of the game. Nice to see Joc contribute. We need more of our guys to contribute.

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  3. I think if the Dodgers would’ve been more patient at the plate and took more pitches and took advantage of Adleman somewhat wildness, instead of swinging away so much when they were ahead in the count, I’m sure they could’ve scored more runs. IMO.


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