Bombay Fun Facts


Just some fun facts about Cody “Bombay” Bellinger.  His father, Clay Bellinger, hit .193 in the major leagues with 12 home runs.  Clay played for the Yankees from 1999 through 2001 and for the Angels in 2002.  Clay was a utility player who fielded every position except catcher and pitcher.

Cody’s younger brother, Cole, is a pitcher in high school.  Cole recently led Hamilton High School (Chandler, Arizona) to their second straight Arizona high school baseball state championship.  Cole is committed to Grand Canyon University.  The San Diego Padres picked Cole Bellinger as their 15th round draft pick this morning in the 2017 MLB Draft.

When Cody was a young boy (age 4?) he would cry when Clay failed to pitch batting practice to him following a minor league game.  Seems as if he is self motivated.

Cody currently enjoys reverse splits, which should motivate the FAZ front office to keep him in the lineup every day.  His splits (BA/OBP/SLG/OPS):

against RHP:  .248/.331/.592/.923 with 12 dingers in 142 plate appearances

against LHP:  .300/.349/.750/1.099 with 5 dingers in 43 plate appearances

Before Cody was called up, the Dodgers were 9-11.  Cody has now played in 45 games for the Dodgers.  During these games, the Dodgers record is 31-14.  Cody has hit 16 home runs during those 31 wins with the Dodgers.  He has hit just one home run during their 14 losses in which he played.


57 thoughts on “Bombay Fun Facts

  1. Another fun fact, this one from Eric Stephen at

    “Bellinger now has a whopping 17 homers to go along with 39 RBIs on the season. No Dodger has ever had as many homers or runs batted in as Bellinger has now in their first 45 career games.”


  2. Lineup

    1. Chase Utley (L) 2B
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) DH
    4. Cody Bellinger (L) 1B
    5. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    6. Chris Taylor (R) LF
    7. Logan Forsythe (R) 3B
    8. Joc Pederson (L) CF
    9. Yasiel Puig (R) RF


    • Same as a Pipp but not quite the same: A-Gone and Pipp were both 35 when their MLB careers ended. But while A-Gone was paid over $145,000,000, Wally Pipp only received $95,000 for his services.


  3. My Bombay has a first name,
    It’s C-O-D-Y
    My Bombay has a second name,
    It’s B-O-M-B-A-Y
    I love to watch him every day
    And if you ask me why I’ll say
    ‘Cause Cody Bellinger has a way
    With B-O-M-B-S A-W-A-Y!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. I put all the kids bats and balls outside today…He just came over with a dustpan and one of his pool slippers and wanted to take BP.

    Kid cracks me up.

    All I can say about this game is

    Way to go…007 Banana!!

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  5. I ain’t seen a pitcher on the staff yet, which includes Clayton, that has pinpoint playoff control.

    We need 3 guys that can control a game.

    Plus a strong assembly (mind-body-soul) behind them.

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  6. Cleveland might be too close to Dodger Stadium. Maybe add a ticket to Toronto as well.

    Call it the Nice Guys Go to Toronto Initiative…


    • Maybe Iceland has a baseball team? Maybe the cool weather would help his blisters?

      Just take him out of the rotation already!

      Can we get a good starting pitcher at the trade deadline?

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  7. I think Puig may not be with Dodgers come October, may be traded, and perhaps Hill, Romo, Hatcher will go with him, for maybe a chris archer or someone that can pitch for 7-8 innings. He is becoming Milton Bradleyish, I dont know what the fans in cleveland said, but with a role model of Jackie Robinson for the Dodgers in enduring Hardship, Humiliation, Disrespect and Difficulty on the field from both players and Fans, Puig needs to develop a bit more self control. The ghost of Branch Rickey is watching.

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    • I could care less what he did back to the unruly fans…other than the kids see it. Puig that is…who has been producing.


      • I could care less what he did back to the unruly fans…other than the kids see it. Puig that is…who has been producing. I wonder if he flipped them off in Spanish or English? In English would mean he’s adjusting.


  8. Yep Im rooting for the gnats for the next four days, along with my Dodgers, if Stripling is failing then back to AAA. Urias shut down. Pitching deal has got to be coming

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  9. Pitching today was practically nonexistent. I would expect to brain trust to be looking over some rosters and trying to figure out who will be available. Our starters should be able to get us to the playoffs, but after that?
    I saw Roger Maris flip off the bleachers at old Wrigley Field in LA, but he was trickier about it than Puig was.
    I don’t really care if Puig did or not, it’s a nonissue to me. Some fans deserve worse.If management looks at it as not a good example or not carrying on Robinson’s legacy, then that ‘s different matter.

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  10. I think this team better get some starters or they won’t have to worry about the playoffs. Bully other than Jansen pretty much imploded in Cleveland also.

    Still, 2 of 3 against a decent ballclub in their own park is acceptable.

    Hill is not. Typical Ned 3-year special without the Ned.

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    • And they signed the POS to be our #2 starter. Unbelievable!!!
      How can a FO that is supposed to be so intelligent make such shitty moves.

      Oh well, can’t win’em all.


  11. With the Rockies leading 8-1 last night, I decided to call it a night but I was surprised to see this morning that the Giants almost pulled it out last night, but not to be. One out with plenty to play.


  12. I usually don’t look at other teams stats too much, but today I noticed the Rocks have three guys with fifty rbi’s. I’m interested to see if yesterday was a bump in the road for our pitchers or not and how they will do this time against these good hitters Colorado has. Regardless, the FO is no doubt looking for pitching.


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