2017 Major League Baseball Draft

I have neither the time or the energy to research draft eligible players. I suspect most here read Eric Stephen over at TBLA. Eric is always on top of  everything Dodger baseball related. So I’ll just give y’all the link…




The floor is yours…

What do you want to see come our way this year?


23 thoughts on “2017 Major League Baseball Draft

  1. A-Gon may be going on the disabled list again tomorrow. Perhaps this will be the beginning of the transition of first base to Cody Bombay Bellinger.

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  2. I don’t pay a lot of attention to the baseball draft except as it relates to local players featured in the newspaper. As it turns out, there was a player taken #2 who attended a high school in the area who could be a pitcher or position player (he hits really well). Anyway, the Dodgers can talk up any of the players they drafted and it doesn’t mean a thing as we have seen with so many others. If they get one or two players that make it to the majors in a big role, it will be a successful draft.


  3. Reading up on our top draft pick, The K may not stand for Kendall.

    Just once I’d like to see our team have a blend of power and contact. I’m tired of the all or nothing baseball that’s played nowadays.


    • How much emphasis would you put on choosing kids that have a well rounded mental make-up?

      From what I’ve read, so far, both of the first two youngsters excell in this area.


      • Also it was stated somewhere that Bellinger was a good contact hitter and the team asked him to elevate the ball more. What was Seagers downfall when he was drafted?


          • Someone asked the other day about Jocs minor league splits against lefty’s. Again if memory serves me correct, the big hoohah back then was he hit both fairly well. He also stole 40 bases. How many has he swiped in the bigs?


            • Bellinger seems to be adjusting easier than Joc did at that time. You remember, back when Donnie was a learnin’ him how to swing inside out.


  4. The high school I teach at the #1 overall pick–Royce Lewis to the Twins. He committed to UC Irvine and claims he wants to play there. We’ll see how much $ the Twins throw at him!!


  5. I read that the kid from Wisconsin, hasn’t had the chance to develop as a kid in, oh, let’s say… One of the year-round warmer states. I can relate to this. My parents moved me to Washington. Some dang town of 110 folks. Mostly loggers and farmers. The bus stop was 4 miles from the house. Just trying to find a place close enough to play was difficult. My cousins all remained in Cali and furthered thier baseball education. I can fall a tree and milk a Holstein.

    I’m rooting for the kids.


  6. I heard Joe Davis talk about my small town up here in Idaho having good trails to hike and excellent restaurants. I have noticed that folks up here are less stressed out. They do a lot less complaining. Just my observation, not a knock on anyone. Different strokes for different folks.

    Go Dodgers!


  7. I don’t follow the minor leagues very closely, only when a name stands out. I begin to watch them after they’re called up to the Dodgers.


  8. With the web these days…I catch glimpses of the minor league guys. I know Beav keeps up with them.

    I’ m just a rah-rah-rah guy most of the time.

    I do like the direction the organization is headed as far as production on the playing field. I could care less about the politics inside the game. As well as the bat-flip.

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  9. I kind of had to laugh at the set and production mlb is making out of the draft. Of course it’s important, some of tomorrows big leaguers are in there, but it’s hardly the academy awards. Everything is a big deal, makes me wonder where the baseball went.
    ESPN was going on about the Rocks, as they should, talking about their good young pitchers and hitters. They pointed out how they had the best record in the NL. So if we’re only one game behind, we must be doing pretty good too. There’s a lot of ball yet to be played and assuming we get a couple of players squared away and perhaps pick up a reliable starter we should be fine.

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  10. The kid from Utah lives in the same city as my youngest brother. I’m sure if he served a Mormon mission overseas vs domestically…He’s had his head screwed on straight for a while.

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