Dodgers / Reds – Game II

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40 thoughts on “Dodgers / Reds – Game II

  1. Blanton did a great job as a set-up man, now it’s Baez. I think the Dodgers would be foolish to let him go. We just can’t be lucky enough to just keep having good set up men.


  2. Dang, I can’t even predict whether or not the next pitch from Baez will be properly located…strike or not a strike?

    Grandal can be setting up low and inside and the pitch will be up and outside…for strike 3…or a dinger…

    When he hits the intended target…or is in the general area, he is highly successful.


          • He’s doing as well as the others…Most of his HRs of been without runners on base. Today again, was a good day for hitters. Ryu has backbone…he’s a baller!! I wouldn’t get rid of him…I wasn’t against taking him out today though. We’ve seen the 4 inning save a few times already. Stripling didn’t execute and his command wasn’t superb today.


            Any of them could have a bad day, week, month…


  3. Whata come from behind inning. One of the greatest I ever saw. I got back home around the 6th inning when things look bleak. GO DODGERS!!!!!

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  4. Woo-Hoo!! Win streak!!

    At least the Dodgers don’t give up and roll over when they are behind like the old Dildon Dodgers.

    On to Cleveland and the Indians. Alot better team than the Reds.

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. My Jon SooHoo moment…we almost had a rainout today.

    His very first at bat with a tee…I showed him the right handed grip, yet he swing like a lefty.


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