McCarthy vs. Scherzer

I’ve got good news and bad news for you.  First, the good news.  The Dodgers offense will not be going up against a left handed pitcher tonight, so expect a normal lineup.  Now the bad news.  Max Scherzer.  He just doesn’t give up a lot of runs.


24 thoughts on “McCarthy vs. Scherzer

  1. Lineup

    1. Chase Utley (L) 2B
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    4. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    5. Cody Bellinger (L) LF
    6. Chris Taylor (R) CF
    7. Logan Forsythe (R) 3B
    8. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    9. Brandon McCarthy (R) P


  2. I think McCarthy will only give up 2-3 runs. But he will only last five innings. Then it will be up to the bullpen.


  3. Not too hard to predict a starting pitcher might only go 5 innings. That seems to be more the norm these days and not just for Dodger pitchers. The way the Dodger bullpen has pitched, at least before the past few games, it didn’t matter much because it pretty much shut down the opposition. Hopefully that trend will continue.

    The emergence of Chris Taylor and the fact that Kike Hernandez has done well in the limited opportunities he has had make Joc Peterson somewhat of an afterthought at the moment. I understand he is recovering from a concussion and his health is more important than a spot in the lineup. However, I get the impression the Dodgers are not in a hurry to get Joc back. When he is ready physically to play, whom does he replace? The Dodgers seem to have already decided Joc cannot hit lefties, which is too bad at such a young age if true. Is it possible Joc will not be the power hitter we all thought or hoped he would be considering his fist two years as a major leaguer? We already know he is not a base stealer as he was in the minors. It would be ok with me if he could play everyday, hit around .250 with 20-25 homers, drive in 80 runs and not strike out every other at bat. Can he do that? I don’t think he will get the chance.


  4. That’s always the dilemma in an organization that consistently does these righty/lefty lineups. Now Joc is clearly designated to be facing only righty pitchers. I’ve got to assume that he rose in the minor leagues by being able to hit pitchers from both sides – maybe somebody can bring up his minor league statistics in that regard. If he was pretty good that way in the minors, is it possible that we’re somehow screwing these guys up with too much of the righty/lefty lineup gyrations? I always thought that we kind of screwed up Andre that way for no reason a couple of years back. I’m pretty sure that the minor league teams can’t afford to practice those kind of lineups, or at least they shouldn’t.

    Yes, I know – baseball just isn’t played the way it used to be.


  5. My legs gave out on me after lunch today. Then I fell asleep while resting for a few minutes. Before awakening and realizing, I was still babysitting. Luckily he fell asleep shortly following. My freakin legs hurt though.

    This kid is either gonna kill me, or whup me into shape.

    Put me down for a solid quality start tonight from McCarthy.


  6. Profound observation about Joc, and relation to organization management of players; perhaps a platoon offers higher average, RBI, etc for the team over the season?, but I doubt anybody would of platooned willie mays, and essentially this is Joc Platoon.


    • I would of enjoyed this game more with a win, but nonetheless…after missing a few. I’m glad to have been able to stay awake tonight.

      Seager could use a little productivity bump…


  7. When Puig took the first pitch…I thought? Yasiels matured! Then came the slider away for strike fucking three!!

    You can’t hit that damn pitch!!
    Stop fucking swinging at it!!

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  8. Just finished watching the video of last night’s game finish featuring Puig.
    My reaction – hey, pussy, pussy.
    A really over-hyped Cuban.
    In fact, I’m thinking that most of the Cuban players are over-hyped; it’s been the trend of the last couple of years.
    Like, why is Alvarez now the top rated Dodger prospect? Because he played for some over-hyped Cuban team?
    I think the Front Office has had too many orgasms over Cuban players.
    That’s my take.

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