Game 4 vs. Cards


There is a fourth game in this series against the Cardinals and it’s a day game.  Start time is 10:45 am PDT/11:45 am MDT/12:45 pm CDT/1:45 pm EDT.  Brandon McCarthy goes up against Adam Wainwright.

Let’s start another winning streak!


13 thoughts on “Game 4 vs. Cards

  1. Arguing with the ump will not get those strikes called a ball.

    The good news is the Dodger pitching these past two games was good. The bad news is the Cardinal pitching was better.

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  2. The scoring the last couple of days has been little and nothing. I’m hoping the offense isn’t returning to scratch out a couple of runs and hope for the best.

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    • Would be nice to get Justin Turner back to inject a little enthusiasm into the offense. Unfortunately, Doc said yesterday that Turner is still a week away from coming back.

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  3. Pitching was there. Offense sucked….. I guess you will have games like this. Very winnable, but they get away. Just need to move on and take of business in Milwaukee…. Go Dodgers!!!

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  4. I’m coming up for air..

    I porch benched him for a bit!

    Bubba is a handful and a half. A fun handful though.

    Kid ran me from 5:30 am until 11:00 pm. Actually he slept until noon. Wish I’da known he was going to do that. I’ve had 4 hours sleep in 2 days.

    We watched a little bit of the game yesterday. Bubba watched 30 minutes by himself. Then after his nap went and retrieved every ball in the house (10) then he threw them at me for about 30 minutes (otherwise, I’d have 4 1/2 hours sleep). I’ve been teaching him batter-batter-batter again during the games. He brought me his bat and said some type of gibberish. So I said batter-batter-batter? Bubba goes, yeah!!

    He didn’t quite understand baseball until he watched the boys play yesterday alone. He has a better understanding now. I’m about to mow and water the field, so we’ll work on this.

    New Series…


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