Memorial Day Game – St. Louis


Forever Grateful

May you all

Enjoy a very blessed Memorial Day!


27 thoughts on “Memorial Day Game – St. Louis

  1. I see Wood is now on the DL. Never fear, they selected Brandon Morrow to take his place. 😐

    Someday these braniac assholes running the show will get some pitchers that aren’t half broken down to begin with. So now we’re back down to one starter and an old patchwork quilt with thin spots and holes in it.


  2. Very curious to see what Hill brings today. We need him to step up. Ill advised signing IMO. I hope Hill proves me wrong over the next 2 1/2 years.


    • I think Morrow needed to be added to the 25 man by June 1st. Woods injury sounds pretty minor? Resting starters hasn’t really done too much damage. It could pay dividends when and if they all revamp and give us extended innings the rest of the way. Every season the bully gets taxed somewhere along the way…


  3. The boys are pretty impressive so far… especially considering they are on short rest after the flight to St. Louis.


  4. Im gonna take a break…if crash or kahli don’t change the threads. I will throw something up at gametime.

    Unless I go fishing…then, well…I’ll bring y’all back some fish and chips.


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