Sweepmosphere II


21 thoughts on “Sweepmosphere II

  1. The Pitchers Only Cruise will be Kershaw and The Little Mermaid peddling a swan boat, while pulling a container barge with 11 parasail-ers being dragged behind. I may add some helicopters as well?


    • I got a little change in my pocket goin’ jing-a-ling-a-ling

      Gonna have to put some hard currency up from here on out Boys!!


  2. A SWEEP of the Cubs, Im surprised, but there was collective hitting through this series, and the BP was nails, very cool, shots around, Kershaw / Lester not the expected score. alot of cats stood up for this series, carry On Mates

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  3. I have 16 bobbleheads and a Swan boat to manufacture. And today’s an early game.

    I guess I can mow the lawn tomorrow.

    Nice Sweep, Gentleman.

    Welcome to Busch Stadium.


  4. Good to see the team pick up Kershaw.
    The fellows on Baseball Tonight are saying the NL West is the best division in baseball. How weird does that sound. I’ve always wanted the D-backs and Rocks to do better, have a better division. Reminds me you should be careful what you ask for. More interesting, though, because I have relations that are fans of those two clubs. I’ve also have some giants fans for relations, but screw that team.

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