Atmosphere II



26 thoughts on “Atmosphere II

      • I know Pepto and I suspect Bismo, both have a dang Yacht…

        I would bet that Little Caesars has a yacht… of course, if he was smart, Little Caesar would upgrade to a Shakey’s oven on that bad boy.


  1. For the record, I do not like these uniforms.

    Puig started the season looking so much better but he has regressed. I think the Dodgers can afford this if everyone else is hitting, which st the moment is the case. Same with Joc; both players are so strong defensively their offense might be overlooked as long as the team keeps winning.

    Nice to see the Dodgers do well on a nationally televised game, especially against the Cubs.

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  2. Puig swings like he’s in a pillow fight. He kinda goes backwards before going forward then lowers the barrel of the bat as he cocks his wrist. He has the John Daly of baseball swings.

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