20 thoughts on “Atmosphere…

    • I’m thinking of keeping Sergio around…He’s out shopping for a Winnebago right now.

      He’s gonna keep the Superman uniform and the blue SF cap and will attempt to earn his LA symbol. Sergio will enter the game in his Superman suit, while trying to hold back a Winnebago…if he does good, he gets his LA symbol. If he does poorly, the Winnebago runs him over.

      Baez may enter by parachuting out of a hot-air balloon? Will his chute open? Keep in mind we’re all on Chavez Island in my head…

      I need a break though…

      De Winnebago! De Winnebago!


      • I’m not sure who should greet the Winnebago yet though?

        I’m thinking? A) The Winnebago will most likely float…just like a hanging slider. B) And since we’re on an Island now…any boat registered outside of 12 miles can get the SNLA feed…and the best news. Frank McCourt bought all the Angelinos out right before the flood. Most of them have new Boston Whalers with a satellite dish. They cruise on over from Pasedena.


        • All foreign MLB players and personnel enter from Pasadena through a Super-High Speed Underwater Delivery System. Joe Maddon can be ordering a latte in front of you at the Port Pasadena Bucks and by the time yours arrives. Hershiser will be breaking down Maddons mitten and scarf ensemble on the screen in front of you. It has a 30 second delivery system, and can screen for illegal substances as well…


  1. Another interesting week for the Dodgers with new players crashing into each other, regular visits to the DL, Tommy getting a new pacemaker, starting pitchers trying to figure out if they are starters or relievers, relievers wondering if (or when) they will be called into the game, a new pacemaker for Tommy, infielders asked to play the outfield (and doing it well), timely hitting at times while at others looking as if the hitters have no clue, a come from behind win that looked so improbable and a game in which both starting pitchers might have had a complete game had an errant pitch from Kershaw not happened. All in all, a typical week for an atypical roster.

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  2. Woo-Hoo!!! Shutout!!!
    Baez and Hatcher got it done. Those two make me nervous whenever they pitch. The pucker factor was maxed out. Nice job by Wood again. Looks like the rest and recuperation helped AGon.

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  3. Two solid, impressive wins in a row from the unpredictable Dodgers. But why should we be so impressed? Didn’t management try to convince us that this roster (including everyone on the 40 man roster) had enough depth to overcome injuries? Didn’t management try to convince us that gambling on injury prone pitchers (which supposedly could be signed for less than acquiring elite major league pitchers) would pay off because of how many arms were available? Did management have some crystal ball that told them that Chris Taylor, who could not make the opening day roster, would provide as much offense and enough defense to overcome injuries to Forsythe and the ever struggling Joc Pederson? And didn’t management try to convince us that Urias was close but not quite ready to pitch every 5th day in the majors? And didn’t management try to convince us that Adrian Gonzalez still could be an effective offensive player even when it was clear he was not at 100% physically? And why in heaven’s name did management still feel Kike Hernandez deserved a spot on the opening day roster over Chris Taylor and others when most of us wondered how such a decision could be made?

    Could it be that expectations are so high that most of us still wonder when the Dodgers will show some consistency on the mound and at the plate that results in being able to have the confidence that this season will end the way we all want? Maybe that is why these last two games have been so impressive.


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