Starting Rotation?

Who is in the starting rotation?  Who is out?  Are the Dodgers still using the 10 day disabled list to manage six or seven pitchers into a five man rotation?

Obviously, Clayton Kershaw is the #1 Ace Stopper in the rotation.  But he doesn’t pitch every five days.  This season, he’s been alternating four days rest and then five days rest between each start.  When you have the best starting pitcher in baseball, he should start once every five days, not sometimes every five days and sometimes every six days.  Is the front office and Dave Roberts going easy on him because of the back issue that flared up last season?

Alex Wood is definitely the second best starting pitcher this year.  So stop all the nonsense talk about him going back into the bullpen.  He is the #2 starting pitcher.

Kenta Maeda is a serviceable #3 pitcher, but sometimes pitches like a #5.  Keep him in the starting rotation, and stop making up injuries for him to go on the 10 day disabled list.

Brandon McCarthy has pitched quite well this year.  Maybe he’s the #3 and Maeda is the #4.

We have no legitimate #5 starting pitcher.  Julio Urias could be that guy.  Unfortunately, he had a bad start last time out and was sent down to AAA.  Meanwhile, the front office wants to manage the number of his innings pitched.

Rich Hill and Hyun-Jin Ryu have not shown that they should be on the Dodgers team.  Rich Hill is not often enough healthy to be on a full-time starting rotation.  Hyun-Jin Ryu just doesn’t have it anymore.  He gives up too many hits and home runs.


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      • …and it was a good one. I especially like the Puig VISA idea to get him to the All-Star game.

        By the way, I totally forgot about Kazmir in my write-up above. I wonder why??

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  1. Okay for all the geeks who can actually make it past the funny pages…

    Topic: Dodger Registry “Gonna need one since Puiggy eye’n ‘dat ring!”

    I know there’s a Smith. Turner’s a given. The harmonica has probably enjoyed a season in the locker room as well Is there anyone named Waters? How about Muddy? Thornton? Big Mama? I guess we have ourselves a Big Joe now…I wonder which George is his favorite when he thumbs through the registry?

    This is a fabulous listen as well…


  2. Love this from Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times, commenting on Urias and his bizarre handling so far:

    “The Dodgers are messing up a potential franchise cornerstone…Watching Urias labor through his two most recent starts, it was impossible not to wonder if the purported geniuses in the front office were overthinking when mapping out his season…The Dodgers transformed their future ace into an experimental subject and, if his 5.40 earned-run average is an indication, the experiment is failing.”


    • Yup. Pitchers gotta pitch. The elbow goes, the elbow goes.

      I also question whether the FO is actually trying to win anything.


  3. Lineup

    Taylor CF
    Seager SS
    Grandal C
    Gonzalez 1B
    Bellinger LF
    Utley 2B
    Hernandez 3B
    Puig RF
    Maeda P


  4. So its Wacha tonight. I guess the only break the dodgers get this series is that we dont face Wainwright.
    Sorry but Cardinal pitching is better than the Dodgers right now. Im looking forward to the Cubs series where Wood/ Kershaw both get in it.
    A deal has to be brewing, if FAZ doesnt want Julio to play with the big boys and Hill/ ryu cant play with the big boys, that is 3 SPs that need to be found. I can give Hill a pass. 1. I dont hear anything about the damn blisters. 2. I thought the UMP last night was squeezing the zone, hence all the walks. But it is a one time pass, HIll has to get it in the zone, so it can be called a strike, and if his Curve is that great well, let them try to hit it.
    You know in December of 2015, Leake finished off with the Giants and Cards grabbed him as free agent for about 16M a year. But the dodgers passed on a guy for Seattle named Iwakuma who gets 10 M ayear. The went and got Kazmir for 11M a year and then Rich Hill for about 12M a year. For a team that has big Bucks they sure do scrimp on SPs not named Kershaw. May I remind you of Greinke also. Im sorry there are not making the good deal of scouting of potential season changing Pitchers. I also get annoyed that the FAZ seem to favor those that were in their former clubs of Oakland and Tampa bay. Kinda like colletti getting schmidt, uribe, and is romo a beneficiary of that same mindset. You can flush Hill, Kazmir and romo, as far as Im concerned go use the money to get a sonny gray, and pay him the 16M a year, since these guys like their former teams Pitchers.
    I could talk about second base but this a pitcher talk topic today.

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    • I’d rather see Hill have an outstanding fastball…only because that would mean the off-speed stuff was phenomenal…he cant live on fastball alone, but when the other stuff is on, he uses it effectively. I have no problem with the strike zone last night. His curve was too high, and fastball too wild. When he threw a pitch that was borderline close, he didn’t get the call.

      Getting Hill to align with the good planets is the dilemma though…

      Romo should be put into a cannon and shot back to SF. Hell give him a Pantone 294 flag while your at it!
      Air-Fare comped!

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  5. Freaking why is it these former Gnats find their way to LA, Laugh out loud, if you get him between the golden gate bridge towers, two beers,! lands on Alcatraz, a shot of patron!!

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    • I think I used to much blasting powder…here he is buzzing me in Hells Canyon…he’s headed towards the Bay Area now though

      Apparently he has shredded a layer of clothing coming out of that Cannon…He didn’t lose the Blue-SF-Cap though…

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  6. I jumped in the shower just as the game began. It was 3-0 when I returned.

    What the fuck Kenta Canta Chucka Nomora or what???


    • I guess I should have attached the LA logo after I flipped Utley in his retirement vessel…Oh well, hopefully he’s a good sport. I had a difficult time photoshopping this one. Plus, it was hard to come up with an idea for the Silver Fox too.

      In my defense…

      My original idea had some bikini clad beauty catching Chase’s home-run ball last night.


      • We seem to have lost sight of flight #54 on the radar…

        Control Tower to Super Romo!!

        Come in Super Romo!!


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