Get Well Soon, Tommy!


Tommy Lasorda has been in the ICU for a few days.  We are praying for a quick recovery for you, Tommy!

Tonight’s game features Julio Urias.


30 thoughts on “Get Well Soon, Tommy!

  1. Bubba is spending the night, after a long day of backyard ball…but I’m tuned in for the time being…

    Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!!

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  2. Urias got his ass handed to him…I missed most of it. Although, it’s the show. You can’t just throw strikes, you must throw quality strikes.
    Chalk it up as lessons learned!!!

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  3. Not saying that you can draw any conclusions on Urias this early on.
    What constantly worries me is that this “management” is likely to screw up the youngster…
    with managing the pitch counts, so he doesn’t throw too many innings too early…
    watching that he doesn’t try to overthrow – consequently, I think his velocity has been reduced from what he was showing a year or two ago…
    trying to refine his control, when his strength might have been by being a bit on the wild side and therefore less hittable for the opposition.

    If he’s got all this raw talent, let him use it, and DO LESS SCREWING with it.
    We have too many assholes and statisticians trying to run this team and the farm system – half of the assholes at the top ought to be DFA’d, and the organization would be better off.

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    • I was thinking along the same lines Bear. They’re so worried about managing his innings that he hasn’t thrown to enough to quality hitters to get in any kind of rhythm. Send him down to OKC and let him pitch regularly in the rotation and build up some experience. Juggling 500 starters at the ML level is bullshit. At least they could option Urias and let him hone his craft a little more.


  4. I’ll take 3 of 4 any day. Especially since they were blown out of yesterday’s game – don’t have to second guess if they should’ve won all 4.

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  5. Woo-Hoo!! Series win.

    AGon looked good today. Hopefully he is healthier now and will make a difference. I hope Joc can get his crap together.

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  6. Bubba won’t turn two for another few months, but he already runs circles around me… I finally turned on the garden hose and let him water the field for a while…I laughed watching him figure that out. Full throttle too…

    So, I missed most everything that happen this weekend in the big leagues…

    Cardinals and Cubs at home then we’re off to play the Cards in St.Louis…

    Time to crank it up…

    I do hope Tommy is feeling better this week…


  7. I just noticed that today is an off-day…

    If somebody has a topic they want to discuss, by all means change the thread…If not? I’ll change the thread this evening…


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