Justin Turner


Hamstring nightmare shelves arguably Dodgers’ best player. MRI results coming.


35 thoughts on “Justin Turner

  1. Oh yeah, they still need Taylor at 2b. He cannot play two positions simultaneously.

    Crystal Blue Chris Taylor 2b
    Seager ss
    Gutierrez lf
    Kike 3b
    Puig rf
    Barnes c
    Bellinger 1b
    Eibner cf
    Wood p


  2. Turner diagnosed with a Grade 1 strain: Grade 1: a mild muscle strain – likely to recover in a few days. Grade 2: a partial muscle tear. Grade 3: a complete muscle tear – may take weeks or months to heal; most commonly seen in active athletes.

    Why do I think it’ll be more than a Grade 1 recovery time????


  3. I played softball, and had several hammies, grease mark on your thigh, lets hope justin hits HRs after the DL, because running will not be comfortable

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  4. After 6 the Dodgers maintaining the lead. Need this win with the Rockies winning and Dbacks ahead of the Frias.


  5. Mattingly is sniveling because the Dodgers were swinging at 3-0 pitches up 5-0 in the 8th…claims that’s why he was so mad. Poor baby… How about you were pissed because the team that asked you to “please go away” was kicking your rear end. That, I could accept and believe.

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