Here’s To Your Good Health


Very hearty breed of pitcher the Dodgers seem to prefer. Perhaps this handy guide will help with future acquisitions…


24 thoughts on “Here’s To Your Good Health

  1. Thanks, kahli. More proof that the Dodgers brass oughta be reading this blog on a daily basis.

    The Dodgers are hot too! They have multiple wunderkin position players like Corey, Cody, and Chris. They have won 9 of the last 12. They have seven healthy MLB starting pitchers.


  2. We always have an excellent chance of winning when Kershaw’s on the mound. This is a good opportunity to pull out a win. A loss could put the Dodger in a little predicament needing to win both games over the weekend to put them back where they were on Thursday.

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  3. If Puiggy swings at that Fuckin’ off-speed pitch, on the outside corner, one time tonight…

    I may lose it!

    Then again, I may not get to see it,..


  4. I like the 10 day DL.

    Just for the ability to rest and perhaps prevent injuries. Especially for pitchers early and late in the season. We’ve all seen how long it takes for players to get in Beast Mode on the mound. Last month and in ST I think guys we’re going through that weary arm thing and at different times as well. Pitchers used to be cheap like a taxi cab in Tijuana. Now days you can purchase a brand new Ferrari for less money…


  5. Good evening Dodger faithful!
    Surprised they brought in Kenley in a non save situation.
    At this point in time, I’m good with just about anyone coming out of the pen but Romo.

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