For Whom the Bell Toles


Question of the day:  If Andrew Toles needs to go onto the disabled list, with whom should the Dodgers replace him?

My vote is for Alex Verdugo.  He’s a left-handed hitting athletic outfielder who is hitting well in AAA Oklahoma City.  His hitting statistics this year currently sit at .320/.402/.402/.804.  He’s got good speed.

Who would you bring up?


40 thoughts on “For Whom the Bell Toles

  1. Dodgers have won 9 of their last 11 games. Granted, it’s been against the Gnats, the Phils, the Puds, and the Pirates.


  2. I would still give Trace Thompson the nod. When he was healthy last season he supplied some highlight moments. He’s been slow rounding into shape because of injuries, but he has a lot of upside. Plus, Verdugo is not even on the 40-man roster…and that would mean DFA for someone. As for Van Slyke…..nah…unless he’s the DFA!!!!


  3. I feel bad for Andrew Toles. He had already come back from some kind of anxiety issues or whatever. Now’s he out for the season. Please, Mr. Toles: Work your way back from this injury and we’ll see you at Chavez Ravine in 2018 in left field.


  4. I wonder when was the last time the Dodgers started a .115 hitter at first base. This won’t likely occur again soon. Dodgers will be making a move before tomorrow’s game, putting Toles on the DL and bringing in a replacement.


  5. Toles AND Liberatore are going on the DL.

    Eibner and Scott Van Slyke have been called up. Ewww.

    Wait, when did Liberatore get hurt? Can’t they just give him some Lipitor?


  6. PVL Stats (reprise)

    A-Gone .255/.327/.309/.635
    SVS .129/.250/.258/.508
    Eibner .200/.200/.200/.400
    Utley .115/.220/.154/.374
    Ethier .000/.000/.000/.000


  7. Not too excited about SVS and Eibner. Their AAA stats this year:

    SVS .200/.250/.267/.517
    Eibner .258/.296/.455/.750


  8. My guess is with Toles out for the season Agon comes back sooner than later. Whether that is a good thing remains to be seen. It would be great if whoever gets Toles playing time steps up as Taylor and Bellinger have.

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    • I heard Chase will play 1st until Agon comes back and, then, Cody will be everyday left fielder. That works for me. Much better than VanSlyke!

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  9. Hmmm Im in the minority, SVS was my first try, bring up more pitching. Utley at First, OMG. OK breathe, lets give the brain trust this line up


  10. VanSlyke and Utley are our first base power? The highest payroll in the majors and that’s what you get?

    Since Bellinger is a natural first baseman and supposed to be a very good fielder, why are we messing around and putting him somewhere else other than his natural position. Once Gonzalez comes back, I could understand putting Bellinger in the outfield, but why mess with the guy before it’s necessary. That’s exactly an example of how this Front Office screws around, not to mention the constant lineup changes. Sometimes I think they ought to fire everybody in the Front Office who has a computer on their desk. Well, let’s leave one computer there, but that ought to be enough.

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    • The egg heads don’t have a lot of baseball acumen….. Numbers don’t always play out on the field. That is baseball and why we love it…….


  11. Perhaps the idea of putting Bellinger back in the outfield is because that is where he will play once Agon comes back. The more games he plays in outfield the more comfortable he gets.

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