Adrian Gonzalez to the DL


Is Adrian Gonzalez going to the disabled list for the first time in his career?  That’s my prediction, and it should happen on Friday, May 5, 2017.  Gonzalez admitted to the LA Times that he should have started the season on the disabled list.  Now with the able-bodied Cody Bombay Bellinger ready to man the defense at first base and more than ready to hit in the heart of the order, give Adrian some rest and recovery time on the disabled list, so he can get his “broken parts” back in order.

Joc Pederson will be coming off the DL on Friday.  To make room for Joc, put Gonzalez on the DL rather than optioning Bombay back to AAA Oklahoma City.


33 thoughts on “Adrian Gonzalez to the DL

  1. Dodgers are 2.5 games back after losing the series to the Gnats. Dodgers can make up for that by pounding the Puds sweeping the Padres this weekend.

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  2. Its no doubt Gonzo is hurt, I mean NO HRS yet? Somethings wrong, and he knows it, the herniated disc, the throbing elbow. What really showed me he was off was the defense, Pence’s “hit” went right through Gonzo, that usually doesnt happen, and 1-0 went away after the wild pitch.
    They can work out the changes, but bellinger should stay and probably play first, the OF will work out something.
    Utley needs to go somewhere also. Have taylor play second. perhaps Utley will graciously retire? Nah
    Then perhaps his elbow is sore also, 10 days in the hole might cure his poor hitting.
    I wish I could get 10 days on the DL, just kidding, but after last night I need a vacation from this scene.
    Is the rally speed boat in the Bay still, Im climbing in!

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    • Totally agree about the defense. If A-Gone can’t get down to ground level to get those quick shots going under his glove, then he needs to step aside until he’s ready again. Cody is excellent defensively at first base.


  3. Not a fan of Gonzalez and never have been. I’ll admit that the guy has had an amazing career and has contributed well the years he has been a Dodger. My problem with him is that he’s what I would consider a mercenary, not a real Dodger. I know that’s what we largely now have in modern baseball. I think that his usefulness in now exhausted, and he’s clearly no longer worth the contract he still has. On top of that disadvantage I don’t want him on the club keeping some other well deserving talent off the roster. I’d rather they traded him, even if they have to pay his salary, to someone preferably in the AL where he could still be of some use as a DH. I personally think that the whole Boston trade was a fiasco designed to bring him to LA, and what did that really accomplish. So, my personal respects to the man for a great career, but get the hell off this club and just GO.

    I could say the same for Utley, except that his contract is not the same problem. What is the problem is that he’s over the hill, as his average will show, and he’s keeping somebody else off the field by being inserted into the lineup. Make him a coach or give him another role if his clubhouse influence is so important, but get him off the field at Dodger Stadium.

    Get those righty/lefty lineup management bastards out of the Front Office and the dugout as well. What good is a Pederson or Bellinger being rated as #1 prospects if the FO and the manager are basically going to convert them to becoming a platoon player. If they can’t learn to hit major league left-handers adequately, they will never become Hall of Famers and maybe not even great ballplayers. I’s so sick of this Front Office and Roberts too making up these lineups that change every day. Fuck all of these bastards and shove them in somebody’s keyboard that puts out all the sabermetrics or whatever they profess them to be. Just which was the last sabermetric managed team that won the World Series – I don’t think that Tampa or Oakland were on that list. Asshole Management, and Ownership too.

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  4. That’s the bear everyone wants to hear roar. Mercenary ball players they are all over. If they wear Dodgers on the front then I root for them, but lets get realistic if they dont perform then the manager needs to put the most productive line up out there, so we agree Gonzo and Utley need a break. The R/L line up is not as pronounced as it was in the past, so far. I see puig playing regularly, toles, seager, turner, and of course because these guys are hitting. And I agree, if you want to be a well rounded ball player, you need to hit the ball no matter which hand it comes out of, so you can be all star, or go on to the HOF. Sitting half the season wont help make a player better.


  5. Agree with all the hatred of sabermetrics, platooning, FO meddling. Was a joy to see Vinny get his due last night, thanks only to KTLA, Channel 5 in LA. I don’t shed any tears if the team has to eat a contract or five. They ate all of Time-Warner’s money and repaid the fans with no TV. So now that D4 has clued me as to how to place a picture in a post, here are our heroes. Funny, the abbreviation for the picture online was “ladowners” and I couldn’t agree more…downers, for sure.

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  6. Everyday Lineup:

    Taylor 2b
    Seager ss
    Turner 3b
    Bellinger 1b
    Puig rf
    Toles lf
    Grandal c
    Pederson cf

    Once Forsythe gets back, plug him in for Taylor, and Taylor becomes the first man off the bench.

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  7. I think Roberts is hoping that Utley will break out of the Funk by playing him, but we may be seeing the end of a player that once was great, and from last year Utley was only good till the AS break, so I dont expect much from him nor should he start, if we have somebody that can play second and hit.
    Reminds me of when we had Maddux in his last years.

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  8. All players are mercenaries once they reach arbitration and especially free agency. Before that they are basically high priced indentured servents.

    I have always said that the best thing a player can do to ensure a spot on the roster is to force management’s hand by his play on the field. Bellinger may have already done that. I have every confidence management will find a way to make it work.

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  9. AGone is a two faced piece of shit.. He admitted to playing hurt and should have been DL’ed… He knew he was hurting the team and he just didn’t say anything. He is incongruent when he professes to be all about the team and then goes out and takes a starting spot when he knows he is not healthy. I wasn’t crazy about him from the start, but, now I really dislike him and his huge ego. He needs to go away for this team to excell….. F”king piece of shit……

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    • As long as you’re killing him, let us not forget that he played for Team Mexico during Spring Training…even when he said he was hurting. Heck, the Dodgers wouldn’t even allow Urias play. Maybe they wanted AGon to self-destruct!?!?!?!?!?!


      • To me Adrian is still being selfish somewhat. Even know he’s admitted he should not have played in the WBC…and I don’t fault him for wanting to play for Team Mexico, a team coached by his brother. I think most of us on here would want to do the same given the opportunity. He has never been on the D.L. before, so that’s a substantial precedent as he and the team have mentioned. What gets me though, is…If Team Mexico would have won it all in the WBC. He would be singing a different tune…

        How would Kershaw handle this…He wouldn’t wine about shit is my guess! He’d just give you the basic facts and move forward.


        • The important thing at this point… at game 30, 25 games before reaching the 1/3 point of the season. Is for the team to get back on track and get better…

          Utley should be on notice…Teams can’t afford to keep players on the 25 man that don’t produce.
          AGon should be doing what the medical staff tells him. Straight out!
          Forsythe needs to get healthy and be a steady presence.
          Hill needs to find a permanent spot…whether it’s in the bully or the front line.
          Ryu – McCarthy – Maeda need to use their experience to put numbers in the win column.
          Wood needs to continue to impress. No matter where they put him.
          Urias needs to throw strikes…especially on the left side of the plate.
          Urias needs to throw strikes…especially on the left side of the plate.
          Urias needs to throw strikes…especially on the left side of the plate.
          Urias needs to throw strikes…especially on the left side of the plate.
          Urias needs to throw strikes…especially on the left side of the plate.
          Urias needs to throw strikes…especially on the left side of the plate.
          Urias needs to throw strikes…especially on the left side of the plate.
          Urias needs to throw strikes…especially on the left side of the plate.
          Urias needs to throw strikes…especially on the left side of the plate.
          Urias needs to throw strikes…especially on the left side of the plate.
          Seager needs to play solid defense.
          Turner has gotta continue to grind his way through each game.
          Joc needs to drive in runs!
          Kike will continue to be resourceful only if he hits. Being #2 on the CF depth chart ain’t gonna save him no more.
          Tolesy can improve on defense
          The whole fucking team can improve on the bases.
          The entire bullpen needs to have their ball sacks bronzed again…
          Puig needs to continue to grow and help Turner Ward, help him.
          Bellinger needs to be on the 25 man, not just the 40 man roster.

          Don’t let me spoil the fun though.
          Please, continue on…

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          • Love this – Doc can just pull this up and use for his discussions with each member of the team. A few more:

            Grandal needs to stay healthy and tell Doc when he’s not.
            Barnes needs to play twice a week to keep Grandal healthy.
            Taylor needs to keep ripping the ball and be prepared to play second, third, or short.
            Toles needs to get on base more often.
            Hatcher needs to mix his breaking stuff with his fastballs and not groove pitches over the middle.
            Dayton needs to be more like Dayton of last year.
            Kershaw and Kenley need to keep being Kershaw and Kenley.
            Kazmir needs to throw at least 92 mph or get out of the way.

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