Roster Decisions


The Dodgers front office (with input from Dave Roberts?) has lots of roster decisions to make this week.  Today Franklin Gutierrez is likely to be activated.  Later this week, Joc Pederson and Logan Forsythe will also be taken off the disabled list.  The question is, who will be removed from the 25 man roster to make room for those three?  Normally, the answer would be dictated by who has options or who was brought up when these guys went to the DL.

But some of the guys that came up have been doing a great job with the bat.  Cody “Bombay” Bellinger is currently hitting .320 with two monster bombs.  Chris Taylor has been hitting the snot out of the ball.  Meanwhile, Adrian Gonzalez and Chase Utley have been under performing on offense.  So?  What to do, what to do?

Tonight’s game has Alex Wood going up against lefty Matt Moore.  The Dodgers hope that Franklin Gutierrez’ bat is ready to perform against the lefty.


54 thoughts on “Roster Decisions

  1. 55bulldoggies

    That’s the password to my kingdom.

    I’d keep Bellinger just for his ability to bunt away from the shift.

    I believe Van Slyke has one option left.

    Utley will improve with time.

    I don’t like roster construction all that much though…I’d rather focus on the players upon the field.


  2. It really saddens me to have to watch “TommyTrooper” take the hit against the Giants last night. He’s 0-1!! I thought TommyTrooper was gonna be like the Al Capone of Bobbleheads!!

    Boom! Boom! Boom-Boom! Boom!


  3. lineup

    1. Enrique Hernandez (R) CF
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Franklin Gutierrez (R) LF
    5. Chris Taylor (R) 2B
    6. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    7. Austin Barnes (R) C
    8. Cody Bellinger (L) 1B
    9. Alex Wood (R) P


  4. Roster moves should remind us how tough this game is on the individuals who play and manage. Regardless of what moves are made, people’s lives (and livelihoods) are involved. We are happy Bellinger still gets a chance to prove he belongs (it was only a short few days ago when it looked as if he didn’t) while Van Slyke’s world is rearranged. Most would probably agree Van Slyke has not been able to make the most of the opportunities he has had but management long ago pegged him in a utility role. Gutierrez was supposed to make the Dodgers better against lefties but that has not happened yet. If Bellinger continues to hit the snot out of the ball and shows he can play decently in the outfield (so far so good) and at first base, watch management come up with some way to keep him in the lineup.

    It will be just as intriguing to see what happens when Forsythe and Pederson are ready to play. I don’t think anyone is willing to give up on either of them so I would expect the “options” situation dictate what happens. As it has been said, sometimes it is just a numbers game and does not reflect on how much confidence management has in a player. At least the Dodgers know what to expect from most of these moving parts.

    The situation with Agon and Utley are so much more complicated. They both bring so much beyond what happens on the field with their leadership and baseball IQ’s. How far can that take these two players?

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    • Van Slyke with the platooning, plus injuries, hasn’t received a bunch of playing time. He showed up in good shape again this Spring. Might even be in the best shape of his career they said. I hope he finds his groove in the near future…


  5. A lot of this will sort itself out as the months draw closer to the trading deadline and the Dodgers W-L record comes into play. The roster can certainly afford Utley if the team is winning…or he starts hitting. But if neither occurs, he is a PVL luxury they may not be able to afford. Same with Gutierrez. And what if one had to choose between Toles and Bellinger, who wins? Knowing this FO, they won’t keep both long term because they both hit lefty, unless Ethier is toast…and he may be. Pederson and Forsythe are no-brainers; they are a vital part of the 25-man roster.

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  6. For an infielder, playing the outfield…Bellinger looked fairly good. Maybe he gets a better jump on that ball last night??? I’d have to analyze it again to be more certain…

    I’m looking forward to the opportunity of watching Cody Bombay demonstrate his infield skills with the leather tonight. I’ve read really good things…

    I was a fairly good infielder, who once, was sent to cover RF. I overran the first and only line-drive hit towards me. In hind-sight, I probably didn’t even need to move in the first place. It’s a different world out there.


  7. I live 25 miles from the states largest city…and I can only get the bare minimum when it comes to internet speed. Also I can’t get reception with my cell phone, unless I have a cell spot, which uses bandwidth from my internet router. It never dawned on me that the cell spot was the culprit keeping me from a smooth and enjoyable Dodger experience. At first I was angry…then it became a challenge, in which I refused to be defeated…I have spent a bit of money on all my baseball gadgets in the process. New laptop, high quality Bluetooth headphones, new Wi-Fi service, plus the yearly subscription from MLB. I unplugged the Cell Spot today and my bandwidth increased two-fold.

    I enjoy reading about this stuff…I enjoy the challenge and discovery of new things. I’ve learned a whole bunch of stuff in the process…like you can rent a router from the service provider forever…or buy one for $50. You just have to be edumacated enough to set that up.

    I think I’d like to go to school and learn more. You know, go further than the 10th grade…which technically slowed way down after the Jimi thing in mid 9th grade…and the sheet-rocking thing…screw that sheet-rocking thing. Don’t ever get sucked into the sheetrock thing. My very first job payed me $4 bucks an hour, plus, after I washed all the days tools, a drag off of a doobie. It was kinda like my signing bonus. My boss was an ex Marine sergeant. I pissed him off daily in the beginning…I’ve never been more intimidated by an individual in my life. He scared me and yelled a lot!


  8. Turns out my eldest cousin played for the Clinton Giants, one year after Hershiser played for the Clinton Dodgers.


  9. We seen this play a few years ago…remember Kershaw diving, then in disgust tossing the ball in the air after it was declared dead.


  10. It looks like they are trying to get Puig to go forward and not backwards with his hands. His stance is open more now, and he has shortened his cocking of the swing.


  11. Adrian Gonzales blows a raspberry and proclaims…” I can drive the ball the opposite way and get a double!” Then does the Mickey ears again!!


  12. Ironic Joe and Orel extolling Utley’s tremendous base running skills and then Chase tries to take third on a ball hit in front of him. The declined to comment on the horrible slide.


  13. Turner Ward needs to go down to PetSmart and get Puig a shock collar!!

    He has that lost puppy dog look in the batters box today.


  14. Woo-Hoo!!! Win Streak…

    I wish we could bail Kersh out like we did Wood… Seems like the offense takes the night off when Kersh pitches.

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  15. The game last night should prove two things to Dave….our lefties can indeed hit against left handed pitching. And, Kike should be the one to go! Of course, I’d love to get rid of Hatcher but, I don’t think that’s in the cards.

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  16. They were saying last night and I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere as well. That players don’t lose their jobs due to an injury. That when they’ve healed, they have a right to their spot on the 25 man.

    First of all…injury or not…and you can run the gamut on this one and choose anyone…Bellinger has out performed them all in his short stint, so far.

    He has rejuvenated some of the other guys.

    They shouldn’t send him down…Taylor isn’t a guarantee to out produce Kike over the long haul, and vice-versa. Kike has more tools and in a pinch can play any position.

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  17. Taylor will definitely go down when Forsythe’s ready. Realistically Utley should be asked to step down and take a coaching position, but when Joc is ready I assume they option Toles or Bellinger, either of which is a bad move. Personally, if Joc has any options left I’d option him.

    I may have to reconsider my statement that Bellinger isn’t ready for the majors. However, I want to see how he does once pitchers get a book on him. Kid’s got some nasty power though.


    • Before they adjusted his swing path to elevate tbe ball more…didn’t he make solid contact. They day in golf…keep your balance and rythym and you can swing as hard as you want.


  18. For what it’s worth – Jerry Hairston Jr. said last night that the Dodgers should keep Bellinger on the big league club and play him every day. Nomar Garciaparra said that the kid is already making adjustments to pitchers.

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    • I agree. They began getting him with the off-speed crap inside. He has adjusted. He has executed two bunts with precision. He is good at positioning his body, level wise, to hit any type of pitch. He gets into a good position in with which to make a solid swing.


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