Kershaw vs. Cueto


The resurgent offense has brought the Dodgers two games over .500 and just two games out of first place.  Now it’s up to Clayton Kershaw to extend the winning streak to five games.  It won’t be easy, as the Dodgers offense often gives Kershaw little with which to work.  Tonight will be no exception as they will have to face the wily Johnny Cueto.

Notice anything odd about the all-star ballot picture above?  Yes, that’s Andre Ethier, who has yet to join the 25-man roster during the regular season.  Andre only played in 16 games last season.  One other odd thing?  I got this photo from the Dodgers website, where the caption below the photo says, “Which Rockies are #ASGWorthy? Cast your All-Star ballots up to 5 times in any 24-hour period (max 35 votes).”

Do the Dodgers want us to vote Rockies into the All-Star Game?


49 thoughts on “Kershaw vs. Cueto

  1. Franklin Gutierrez is due back from the disabled list tomorrow. Please, please, please, either DFA Scott Van Slyke or send him off to the minors.

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      • Me thinks?!??!!???!!!

        Tommy was just the first to Trooper to bail-out of ‘da plane…

        Me also thinks, there are more boats in the Marina?!??!!???!!!

        Arrrgh Matey’s! We may be needin’ ta’ commander ’tis one!! She looks as if, she may be a Pirate ship…


  2. I have never liked fan voting for the All Stars and if I do vote, I usually wait until later when the votes might be needed. While for the most part the right players get elected, it sometimes becomes a popularity vote, often pushed by the team’s marketing department to encourage fans to vote for its players. Odd that fans need to be pushed but so it is.

    Have to admit finishing April two games over .500 seems like a big accomplishment. With the Giants coming into Dodger Stadium struggling, this would be a big opportunity to keep the momentum going while at the same time helping to bury the Giants even further. However, we cannot lose sight of the teams still ahead of the Dodgers. So far those teams have given the Dodgers trouble.

    Before Saturday’s game, Cody Bellinger was just another top prospect who, given an opportunity to play everyday on the big league club had done little to suggest he belonged, at least not yet. Then he hits two big home runs and everything changes. Such is the way of major league baseball. His situation is the perfect lead-in to that age old question: should an otherwise productive player lose his job due to an injury? Does that happen in the real world? It is a tough question but management usually sides with the now recovered player. We will see what happens.

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  3. I understand management wanting to get Bellinger at-bats every day. The only way that feasibly happens is if AGon goes on the DL. But the top five RBI producers, right now, are Seager, Toles, Puig, Turner and AGon. So unless AGon is really hurting, AGon’s not going anywhere. But this team has been so starved for consistent hitting, who knows???? As for the All-Star ballots, I, too, never vote. It is ludicrous that the “loudest” fan base gets the most All-Starts. Crazy and wacky.


  4. Bombay started is MLB dream vs Gnats, I think he should continue, would be his second look at cueto, wiggles and all.


  5. The key Bellinger question is what happens when Joc comes off the DL, which apparently will happen this weekend (as early as Friday night).


  6. Lineup

    1. Andrew Toles (L) CF
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    5. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    6. Cody Bellinger (L) LF
    7. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    8. Chase Utley (L) 2B
    9. Clayton Kershaw (L) P


  7. The Giants have the worst offense, the worse defense, the worse starters and the worse bullpen.– Oh, the worse team—- except when they play the Dodgers……………..????


  8. With a six man rotation, putting Ryu on the 10 day DL gives the Dodgers an extra arm in the pen. These guys are geniuses at moving guys on and off the DL. With a 10 day DL I think we will see more of these kind of moves.

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    • Are we almost ready to quit calling him the greatest pitcher on the planet? In the first inning, he certainly is not. In his six games this year, the opposition has scored in the first inning four times.


      • He’ll always be the best in my eyes!!

        Kershaw is getting older…he has incorporated two young baby’s into his baseball regimen…anyone who’s been a father and a blue collar guy knows what this requires.

        That being said…

        Find another pitcher…who has pinpoint control with an assortment of pitches. This is what enables him to minimize damage.

        Yesterday while staring at his release point. I was astonished at the way the ball comes out of his hand on the curve…it elevates, and you can see it right out of his hand go up. I couldn’t tell how the ball came out of his hand on the other pitches, just the way his hand moved. They all began from the same spot too. I don’t think he had his full sea-legs yesterday! He is still MLB’s Commander in Chief, upon any and all said, hills!

        I try and recognize differences in demeanor and fundamentals when I watch a game. I’ll create a grid in my mind and observe the players movements, trying to pick up subtle differences. Especially during a pitchers duel!!


        • Yesterday, I think? I watched Cueto pitch. As I did, I was trying to get into his mindset on how he determines what wind-up to use? I came to the conclusion that he uses that extra rhythm to help him with his off-speed stuff. He does throw the fastball with the shimmy shake, but it is more of a tool for him to find the rhythm to not just spin the ball, but release it in the proper spot as well. I knew he was trying to set up Chase with the outside fastball, when he came way inside with the rotating crap, the pitch before. He had good control at that point.


  9. I just puffed a doobie and I’m fixtated on the M in the blue Spectrum sign. Kershaws release point is just under the middle of it. Don’t watch anything but the M though… his curve comes out like an euphus it goes upwards first. The slider you can see his wrist action. And sometimes on his fastball he releases it a tad earlier.


  10. AGone is the new Phew(Juan Pierre). He is blocking a better player just like Phew did. The reason we disliked Phew was because he played ahead of better players because of his contract. Same thing is now going on with AGone… He is blocking a better player because of his ridiculous contract.. Good Grief!!!

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  11. That whole trade with Boston was ill advised and very stupid……… How much money was wasted that could have been used for productive players… Geez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. Dodgers better win tonight, wipe those smirks off all those Gnat Fans, yea Im seeing all day long, just disgusting, And al the gnats fans say, ” If we can beat kershaw then we can sweep the Dodgers”. Make them liars, Dodgers.

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  13. Cody Bellinger and Chris Taylor are both playing really well right now. Utley and Van Slyke are not. Forsythe, Pederson and Gutierrez are due to come off the DL soon. Many decisions loom…….


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