Maeda vs. Wacha

In the second game of the Dodgers at Cardinals series, Kenta Maeda (4-2, 5.08 ERA) will pitch against Michael Wacha (2-2, 3.66 ERA).

The Dodgers have been all kind of hot lately.  They’ve hit eleven home runs in the past five games.  They’ve won their past five games in a row.  The bullpen has pitched shutout baseball for the last 21 2/3 innings.  The Dodgers have won ten games out of their last twelve.  The Dodgers are just a half game out of first place.

Starting Rotation?

Who is in the starting rotation?  Who is out?  Are the Dodgers still using the 10 day disabled list to manage six or seven pitchers into a five man rotation?

Obviously, Clayton Kershaw is the #1 Ace Stopper in the rotation.  But he doesn’t pitch every five days.  This season, he’s been alternating four days rest and then five days rest between each start.  When you have the best starting pitcher in baseball, he should start once every five days, not sometimes every five days and sometimes every six days.  Is the front office and Dave Roberts going easy on him because of the back issue that flared up last season?

Alex Wood is definitely the second best starting pitcher this year.  So stop all the nonsense talk about him going back into the bullpen.  He is the #2 starting pitcher.

Kenta Maeda is a serviceable #3 pitcher, but sometimes pitches like a #5.  Keep him in the starting rotation, and stop making up injuries for him to go on the 10 day disabled list.

Brandon McCarthy has pitched quite well this year.  Maybe he’s the #3 and Maeda is the #4.

We have no legitimate #5 starting pitcher.  Julio Urias could be that guy.  Unfortunately, he had a bad start last time out and was sent down to AAA.  Meanwhile, the front office wants to manage the number of his innings pitched.

Rich Hill and Hyun-Jin Ryu have not shown that they should be on the Dodgers team.  Rich Hill is not often enough healthy to be on a full-time starting rotation.  Hyun-Jin Ryu just doesn’t have it anymore.  He gives up too many hits and home runs.