A Rare Evening


Last night didn’t win the pennant or the World Series, but in this drab season there has been little to capture the imagination or get excited about. Celebrate!!!


23 thoughts on “A Rare Evening

  1. Looks like Birk finally got his power wish. Damn, those three were bombs. If Bellinger’s hadn’t hit the foul pole it might’ve hit the second deck façade.

    That Bellinger kid’s got a bad-ass power swing. Jeez can he crush a ball when he squares it up.

    Hopefully this jump starts the offense. Its been a real snooze-fest until last night.

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  2. It was getting late for me last night and I saw Hatcher was up to his usual tricks, so it was lights out and off to bed. What a surprise this morning! I hope some of you got to see it. What a rare thing, and don’t look now, but that was a series win that put us over .500.


  3. Hatcher brought out a few curse words, that’s for damn sure…

    You listen to Hershiser speak about him and you think? Wow! It sounds like Hatcher really has his crap together!

    Then he fucks up!

    Of course, then you listen to Hershiser speak about Baez and you think? Wow! We’re fortunate to have such a powerful and potent arm in the bully!

    Then he fucks up!!

    It darn sure ain’t Hershisers fault!!

    Kahli your photoshop shows so much clarity. Nice work!

    Maybe I do need some new crayons!


  4. I was not there, but last night is a good example of why fans should not leave a game early just because the home team is behind a few runs. Anything can happen. Cody Bellinger might make it tough to send him down when Pederson is ready but at least he will have something to talk about besides all the strikeouts. Today is another day and another game. Just as the blowout loss needs to be forgotten, so does the come from behind dramatic win. It was fun and we can enjoy the highlights, but unless the team can get and hold leads, there will be more need for comebacks, and we know those do not happen very often.


  5. My feed began stuttering and spinning during today’s game. I didn’t get to see the 9th inning until just now, Dayton hit Grandals target on both the Rupp single and the home-run by Herrera.

    Baez was missing outside with that cutter and the Phils weren’t biting. Didn’t matter if the target was low or up in the zone.


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