The Phils Are Here


Let us never forget those Pennsylvania invaders celebrating at Dodger Stadium as Manny plots his next financial move…


42 thoughts on “The Phils Are Here

  1. Math Question?

    How many punches, does Punching Bear throw per minute?

    I counted 150.
    One left hook, one left jab and a right jab!
    He does this 25 times in .30 seconds.
    9000 punches per hour
    9000×24=216,000 per day
    216,000×365=78,840,000 per year.

    78,840,000 punches a year without as much as a glass of water…

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  2. I am impressed the Dodgers have scored three runs so far off Eikhoff. From what I heard on the pre game radio show, he seems to be the type pitcher who would be tough on the Dodgers. Hopefully Maeda and the pen can shut out the Phillies the rest of the way.


  3. Maeda was really good tonight. He didn’t leave many balls in the zone as he had his past few starts. Can he continue to do this? If so, tbe Dodgers fortunes will be greatly improved.


  4. Good night, scored some rums and Maeda stepped up. Still not much in the way of production from Agon and some people, as in fans, are starting to get impatient with him. We’ve seen him slump before and I think he’ll start to produce, though it might be a good time to give him a couple of days off and get the new kid a couple of starts at first before he gets sent back down.

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  5. McCarthy looks average tonigh. The offense will need to score at least 5 runs tonight to have a chance to win this game.


  6. We’ve got few floaters in the old punch bowl. Van Slyke sucks shit. They need to put AGone on the DL to make sure his elbow is OK. Give Bellinger a good look at first. He can’t do any worse than AGone or VanSlyke.

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  7. Here’s hoping they build on the momentum that started in the ninth inning tonight. Now the Dodgers are over .500! Keep it going!

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  8. I’ll admit!

    My photoshop skills are novice at best…

    But, that’s what makes them fun/funny, if you ask me…

    Way to Go, Boys!!


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