“Do me a favor, will ya’ kid?

Go beat ’em for me!! – Big D #53


66 thoughts on ““Do me a favor, will ya’ kid?

  1. Sorry folks…

    Drysdale is one of my heroes!!

    “Do me a favor will ya’ kid? Go beat ’em for me!!” – Big D

    I’m still pissed that my Saddleback Little League Dodgers lost to the Don Drysdale Sporting Good Giants!!

    My work in this regard, is never done…


  2. The patch on the back of them ugly ass jerseys, was bigger than a full moon at midnight!

    Some friend that guy was…

    Big D must of lost a wager. That’s all I can say other than…


    • We were a new team, new manager. Back then they held tryouts to make the majors for everyone age 10-12. I was so worried I wouldn’t get drafted. Then to hear the Dodgers wanted me to play 3B. I was so stoked. I later became the catcher after ours moved. And that catcher, chased Big D down, heading to his car during the game. Drysdale was just before my era. Sutton was king back then (circa 1975).

      “Go beat ’em for me, will ya’ kid!! – Big D”


  3. Bombay got his first MLB hit last night with an infield single to the third baseman. Bombay’s hitting stats as of this morning: .333/.500/.333/.833

    Wow! That’s better than A-Gone who sits at .262/.342/.338/.680

    You can expect these types of updates going forward, but only as long as Bombay > A-Gone.

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  4. Name the artist?

    Even with a sloppy kiss, you’re PVLs will all still be a toads

    Prolly too easy – huh…

    Loney song reference, Crash. 2008
    I apologize in advance. I ran through in reverse and stopped looking after May 1st. BTW, The Loney Song is still being referenced by us at that date, so it’s older than May 1.


    • Hit a home-run – Cruise around on the Triple B Yacht with the ever popular Blistering Boat Babe…

      “Bang Before Bobble” – Triple B Radio


  5. Kahli: you were be facetious? Drysdale would hate the rule. He liked seeing the hitters cheeks turn pale and their eyes bulge out as the sidearm released the ball, whoops NO spin, pop, ouch and they rub the red mark on their hips. and he certainly wouldnt like the manager calling for the intentional walk either. I think Alston liked it too, he agreed with Drysdale, why waste the pitches.


  6. BOOM! Bombay Leadoff Lineup

    1. Cody Bellinger (L) LF
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    5. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    6. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    7. Chase Utley (L) 2B
    8. Andrew Toles (L) CF
    9. Alex Wood (R) P

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  7. Dodgers are only 4 games back thanks to (a) Kershaw and (b) the Nationals pounded the Rockies 15-12 last night. Trea Turner hit for the cycle and collected seven RBI’s.


  8. Did my archaeology dig, and look what I found. Not only is this the original Loney song, but I believe this is the first song posted on ITD/OTD/dembumsbluetoybox.

    What stores? And also, for the Loney location, is that North Sepulveda or South Sepulveda? Yahoo! Maps gives two different possibilities.
    Matt Kemp will be right around the corner from my house, and while I don’t know who I like better (add in Russel Martin, and those are probably my three favorite players), I feel the need to got to the Loney location, to sing the Loney song to him:
    My Loney has a first name,
    It’s J-A-M-E-S
    My Loney has a second name,
    It’s L-O-N-E-Y
    I love to watch him every day
    And if you ask me why I’ll say
    ‘Cause James Loney has a way
    With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!
    By leekfink@yahoo.com on July 6, 2007 5:45 pm – Reply

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  9. Fernando Valenzuela wore Chase Utleys batting average number…

    Who’s jersey number will Chase hit his way into tonight?


    • Utley’s value for this team seems to be largely as a good club house influence. Why just not retire the guy and make him a coach, and let one of the prospects play second base regardless of whether he bats right handed or left handed. Surely, what difference does it make from which side of the plate considering what Utley is able to hit.

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  10. All is not lost…three positives: Seager is still a stud, Wood pitched his ass off, and the Dodgers are still only 1.5 games out of the Wild Card. If they make the playoffs, I bet Gonzales has at least one or two HRs heading into October. What a ball club!!!!!!!!!!

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        • I may be wrong…I often am.

          Roberts was hired because he understood what the FO was trying to achieve and was on the same page.

          So I find it a stretch that the front office has him handcuffed.

          I also believe I read, somewhere, that Doc has stated that everyday he gets a handicap card (so-to-speak) from above. That it was his job to assemble the line-up based on this information. Doc should have a better sense than the FO on how players are feeling, adjusting. Ultimately, I think it’s his call on who goes where when they run out of the dugout.

          Last season…he pulled the right switches more often than not.

          Can anyone name a pitcher who you think could bolster the staff, that is currently in the minors?


  11. I’m too disappointed and unsettled with the boys performance last night.

    I’ll leave the thread changing to someone else today.

    Seager has the longest HR of the year so far though. He hit that fucker halfway into the CF bleachers. The same CF bleachers Mr. Hershiser said, was not a good idea to try and launch one into. I’m certain he meant everyone not wearing jersey #5!!


    • I think when the team loses…regardless of whether someone hit a home-run or not. We should throw a rain-jacket over the Boat Babe


  12. Sorry but this game was on Roberts, To pull wood with a one hitter, and that hit just came in the6th, is just insane, and then to put Romo in; now roberts just got stupid. He thoughht the match up were right, cmon romo is facing his former cather, like posey is going to be fooled. That was just pathetic Perfomance. Dodgers should of won, no extra innings, poor mangement, hope today will be better, but IM not feeling it


    • One day you pull the right switch…the other day you don’t.

      Baez was pitching rather well, until he relapsed…

      I don’t get the Romo thing, and I agree, Posey’s smarter than that.

      I don’t necessarily have a problem with Wood being pulled. He did his job and for whatever reason his time was up??? This bullpen has no fucking huevos!!

      They mentioned how many of these games between the two long-time rivals ends with a one run difference. The majority of them are a battle to the end.

      01) Huevos no Romos!!! 02) Huevos no Romos!!! 03) Huevos no Romos!!! 04) Huevos no Romos!!! 05) Huevos no Romos!!!
      06) Huevos no Romos!!! 07) Huevos no Romos!!! 08) Huevos no Romos!!! 09) Huevos no Romos!!! 10) Huevos no Romos!!!
      11) Huevos no Romos!!! 12) Huevos no Romos!!! 13) Huevos no Romos!!! 14) Huevos no Romos!!! 15) Huevos no Romos!!!
      16) Huevos no Romos!!! 17) Huevos no Romos!!! 18) Huevos no Romos!!! 19) Huevos no Romos!!! 20) Huevos no Romos!!!
      21) Huevos no Romos!!! 22) Huevos no Romos!!! 23) Huevos no Romos!!! 24) Huevos no Romos!!! 25) Huevos no Romos!!!
      26) Huevos no Romos!!! 27) Huevos no Romos!!! 28) Huevos no Romos!!! 29) Huevos no Romos!!! 30) Huevos no Romos!!!
      31) Huevos no Romos!!! 32) Huevos no Romos!!! 33) Huevos no Romos!!! 34) Huevos no Romos!!! 35) Huevos no Romos!!!
      36) Huevos no Romos!!! 37) Huevos no Romos!!! 38) Huevos no Romos!!! 39) Huevos no Romos!!! 40) Huevos no Romos!!!
      41) Huevos no Romos!!! 42) Huevos no Romos!!! 43) Huevos no Romos!!! 44) Huevos no Romos!!! 45) Huevos no Romos!!!
      46) Huevos no Romos!!! 47) Huevos no Romos!!! 48) Huevos no Romos!!! 49) Huevos no Romos!!! 50) Huevos no Romos!!!
      51) Huevos no Romos!!! 52) Huevos no Romos!!!

      53) HUEVOS NO ROMOS!!!


  13. It is so easy to second guess a manager’s decisions based on the outcome. One day the magic works, the next day it doesn’t. Giving up a hit to a player like Buster Posey is certainly not something shameful but giving up a homer to a rookie or someone like Michael Morse is less acceptable.

    What concerns me more about the Dodgers is the continuing issue of leaving so many runners on base, especially in scoring position. This has been a problem for years and I doubt the analytics guys have any better answers than any of us as to how to solve this problem. Perhaps it is an issue with all teams and the Dodgers have won 4 division titles in a row with this problem. The other concern I have is the lack of power the Dodgers have displayed so far this season but that could change at any time.

    I have no idea if Dave Roberts makes out lineups based on the front office but we do know he communicates with the FO on a daily basis. How do we know this? I have heard him as well as Friedman and FAZ say they do. It would not surprise me if the FO makes suggestions but what we do not know is how much leeway the manager does have about who plays. My guess is Roberts does call the shots during the game and I think he has done a good job even if the results are not there.

    The one thing I do know is the game has changed dramatically from what many of us old timers remember. Pitchers are not as durable as we think they were and are not expected to go much beyond the 6th or 7th inning. Some pitchers seem to struggle to get past the 5th inning and we hear all the time about how pitchers fare the second and third time through the lineup. Pitch counts are so important and have been for a long time but we still talk about the innings and pitches Koufax, Drysdale, Gibson, Ryan, Carlton and so many others threw as if those kinds of players still exist. Even Kershaw seems to be an anomaly. Didn’t Lasorda get criticism for how he used Valenzuela? Today, throwing a no hitter is secondary to pitch counts and/or innings. Can you even imagine Lasorda removing a pitcher in the 7th inning that had a no hitter going? And hitters have been exposed for their inability to adjust to all the defensive shifts. How many hits has Agon lost because he pulled a ball into right field only to be thrown out at first by the extra fielder? And he is considered a good hitter.

    I do share the frustration over Utley’s inability to get untracked. I don’t think the Dodgers have much alternative right now.


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