Blue Dream is just a…


of crap


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  1. Still not sold on the genius of Andrew Friedman. I wouldn’t blame Faz for anything; he strikes me as puppet boy. Tampa Bay over-achieved…was it Friedman or Maddon? Ask the Cubs. For me, Friedman’s greatest drawback is 1) his over-reach on the field and 2) his penchant to go cheap on pitching, ala Ned. Nothing ever seems to change for the Los Angeles Dodgers and their continuing World Series futility. A few great letters to LA Times yesterday blasted the organization for their exorbitant pricing and the TV fiasco. We all thought Fox, with their billions, would be the answer. We fans fell for the same smoke and mirrors with the Guggs and their billions. Bottom line, for me, is that this organization now pimps for the corporations and their billions. The average fan? Yeah, sure… Great Dodger in the Sky…HELP US!!!!!

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  2. These interviews with front office folks such as Andrew Friedman seldom provide much useful information or insight. Once in a while we hear something that adds to what we already know or gives some relevant background to some decision or situation. These guys are so good at double talk or positive spin and I am not sure why we would expect anything else. And we have to remember the interviewers want to maintain a good relationship so they seldom push for better answers. In the case of the radio interview with Friedman, Roggin already knows the answers to any questions and also knows what questions will not be answered.

    I too am not “sold” on Guggenheim or Friedman. I do think the Dodgers are in better hands than the two previous owners but that does say much. I do applaud their efforts to keep Dodger Stadium relevant and as up to date as possible and the farm system has improved. This past offseason management signed two popular players to big free agent deals a season after not doing so with Greinke. The other pitching decisions do leave management open to a lot of criticism but then again, who among us wanted the farm system gutted of the looming talent. That talent that has reached the major leagues has had mixed results: Seager looks like the real deal while Joc Pederson struggles to perform on a consistent level offensively. The other pitchers coming out of the minor league system show some promise but no one wins championships on promise. It will be interesting to see what happens within the next few seasons but that does not help stop the frustration at not making it to the WS since 1988.

    I also agree that the TV deal is a huge failure, regardless of responsibility. The Dodgers can deny it as Magic Johnson did last year or wring their hands and say there is nothing they can do but in an era where pro sports are all about marketing and TV exposure, the inability of so many people to watch the games is an embarrassment. The Dodgers still draw well to the stadium regardless of ticket prices and as long as the team has an entertaining product that should continue. It will be interesting to see how not having Vinny around to promote the team or draw people to tune in will impact the team’s following.

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    • Good point about Vinny’s promoting of the team. He was the organization’s greatest ambassador and the reason so may people loved the Dodgers. The years continue to erode those things that made the Dodgers special to all their fans. No stopping Father Time. Such a shame. And I do believe the lack of TV exposure will come back and haunt this organization. Can’t reset the clock on all the kids who will move on to other heroes in the NFL, NBA, NHL and college. Idiotic and short sighted. If the Dodgers can’t get that right, how will they get anything else right?

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  3. I’m listening to the pre-game on AM 570.

    Rewind to last season…Didn’t the Maeda oblique injury come during the cold weather?

    He looked sharp outta Spring…

    I think he uses that fastball to keep the batters eye level from locking in on his breaking stuff. Usually it’s high in the zone. It’s still in the zone though, as opposed to up past the letters??? If he’s not loose…it’ ain’t got a chance?

    Whatever the case…

    Urias was always (in mind) the #2!

    Hopefully the command of all his pitches bestows enormous growth.


  4. I think they just said Rich Hill is plunging his fist into a bowl of rice everyday to build up a callous. Try a bag of drywall screws dummy. The little sharp points turn you into a man and the oil on them massages your skin…grab 6, anymore than 6 and they will fall on the floor, finger them one at a time into the grip of your feed finger, then drop and repeat!

    This is Merica!!


    No Rice!!


  5. I understand management is responsible for the roster but the players have to make the plays, pitches and at bats. All of those things need to improve.

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  6. Perfect example: two runners on base with one out; Turner pops out and Gonzo strikes out on a pitch up in the zone. Inning over, no runs. Another scoring opportunity lost.

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