Snake! Shake!

Game 2


42 thoughts on “Snake! Shake!

  1. The Internet guy came out today. He checked the line at the top of the pole. He checked the jack. He checked my modem. He tried a second modem. Then told me they have disconnected you at the office. I said, “Geez!! You’d think that could of been solved with a 5 minute phone conversation!”

    I’m the one smoking the daily spliff, yet everyone else is all screwed up?

    I viewed a webpage that displayed an animation of some Russian Miltary Base. The next day my line went dead. Both the tech support guy and the tech repair guy had Russian accents too.

    Hello, My name wasn’t really Marjorie! It is Boris…and you are now our little bitch!! Welcome to GrushkiLink!!



  2. Tonight’s lineup doesn’t look like it would make an opposing pitcher lose much sleep, yet they’ve all shown they are capable at one time or another. Maybe tonight…?

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  3. I know it’s still early, but it’s time for the Dodgers to start putting up some wins. The D-backs and the Rockies are not going away any time soon.

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  4. I’ve fast come to the conclusion that this team just plain sucks. They’ve had 4 chances in the last 4 years, and what – 6 chances in the last 9 and they never did anything.

    Puig is never going to amount to a hill of shit on a team with visions of grandeur. I’ve never had any use for K artists like Pederson and never will. Unless you put up prime Kemp type numbers with those K’s, you’re useless. The starters were a joke from day one. Kazmir, McCarthy and Hill – there was $144M well spent. And Romo is your set-up man? Good grief.

    I don’t think ‘Zona will last the year, but I’d be willing to bet on the Rox.

    I sure as hell wouldn’t bet on our guys.

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  5. I imagine the first in line for a call-up for the bullpen will be Branden Morrow. He came in the game in the 9th at OKC tonight up 1-0 and gave up 6 runs on 6 hits without recording an out.

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    • The inability of this team to hit in so called clutch situations continues although so far in this series pitching has been a bigger problem. All we can do is ride it out and hope things improve.


        • He talked about pitching lower in the zone. And that if you establish that with authority you can get outs up in the zone. His analyst wasn’t quite as detailed as Hershisers. Just the other day Hershiser broke it down, to time zones and how far away from the equator you are. He claims that the effect of a pitch varies at different spots on the globe. The farther you get from the equator the less movement you will get…I think?

          Today he appeared to be an advocate of changing the rule that you don’t need to touch home-plate, just have a body part hovering over it. This will reduce injuries…

          So will staying at third.


  6. Let’s take a look at last year’s deadline trade with Oakland. We got two months of Josh Reddick, who didn’t hit for the first month. And we got Mr. Blister Finger.

    The A’s got Jarhel Cotton who is a serviceable starting pitcher and Frankie Montana who is a force in the bullpen. And the A’s got Grant Holmes who will be ready to join the starting rotation next year.

    It’s time to fire FAZ.

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  7. I found some photos of Union Pacific Old No. 844

    I live about one city block from the tracks. I hear these things all day and all night. The steam engine sounded different. It’s coming through again on Monday. I think I may go check it out.

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  8. Those steam engines are pretty cool. Big working machines. Get up close to it if you can.
    Well. The score didn’t look any better this morning. No panic yet, but alarms are certainly going off. Obviously, this can’t continue. Apparently Maeda is not locating the ball where he wants it to be.

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    • Thanks Griz!

      I don’t think the train will be stopping in my town, just passing through. I can get close enough to touch it though…

      I used to watch Maeda pitch and wonder how in the hell that fastball got passed the batter? He has located it right down the middle before on many occasions and gotten batters to whiff?

      He definitely looked tired and was trying to stretch out by turning his body from side to side. He did these same mound exercises right before the oblique injury last season?


  9. Back in high school. I began smoking pot in the back of some kids car with 3 others listening to Jimi play the Star Spangled Banner. Which was also a first, not just the song, but Jimi as well. I remember them stating that it was Thai-stick. That was the strains name back then I guess? Now they have all types of names for the stuff…like Bubba Kush – Sour Diesel – Blueberry – and even Blue Dream. You can now research different strains and find the type that best fits your need. I had the Sour Diesel during Spring Training and it lived up to it’s claim of being a motivator. It perked me right up and got me going. Come to think of it the boys seemed to have a better spark in the winter too…

    Blue Dream is cross of Blueberry (Sativa) and an (Indica) – Super Silver Haze, which is pretty much what Chase Utley has been so far this season…

    I don’t know what I have now? My concierge did some leg-work and found some stuff that is supposed to be easier on my lungs, yet still packs a motivating punch! At first I didn’t like it. It slowly has changed my way of thinking though…
    Wooooooo-hiss-hiss, ding-ding!! Woooooo-Wooooo!!

    I’m gonna name it…

    Grandpa Greens – Wyatt Erb…

    I realize this has very little to do with baseball…but baseball is pissing me off!!


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