Off Day Musings


Who deserves a day off?  A one-day vacay?

Deserving:  Kershaw, Jansen, Stripling, Wood, Turner, Kike.  Dodgers fans who have been waiting for another World Series Championship since 1989.

Not Deserving:  Hill, Maeda, Kazmir, Ryu, Utley, Forsythe, Puig

Kike Hernandez just earned his day off yesterday by hitting a triple and a double.  Logan Forsythe had the misfortune of getting hit by pitch on the toe and breaking said toe.  Next time he’ll be hopping out of the way.  Yasiel Puig needs to learn how to run the bases.


16 thoughts on “Off Day Musings

  1. After hitting two home runs for the Oklahoma City Dodgers last night, Cody Bellinger’s stats (BA/OBP/SLG/OPS) now look like: .360/.439/.740/1.179


    • Including his short stint last season, that’s eight home runs in sixteen games with the OKC team. How long does he need to keep up this pace before the MLB team calls him up?


      • From what I’ve read he’s K-ing a bit too much and gets exploited by AAA pitchers when he’s behind in the count to warrant bringing up right now. Plus there’s the super two consideration.

        Let’s face it though, the depth we have really doesn’t mean anything because the talent isn’t there.

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  2. Good time for a break and get the frustration out. If our starters , excluding Kershaw, cant muster 5 innnings, then the BP gets taxed. This is not the path to a division win. Spending 15 M a year and for 3 years for the likes of Kazmir and Hill is not the path to the division win. I remember the Iwakuma pitcher for the Mariniers that we had a deal for prior to 2015, whoops our medical staff evaluation considered him risky, no Deal and he resigned to Mariners. 2015 was not good for him, but 2016 he logged nearly 200 innings. Still we are stuck with Kazmir, who didnt come close to expectations, and now we have Rich Hill, aquired on the DL, and continues to be on the DL. a lot of crap comes from medical issues, pussy foot prima donna ballplayers, bring back the grinders. Koufax threw in pain. Gibson ran till he no longer could, yet still musters to hit while limps around. Baseball might be alot better, if the players were paid less, had to have a second job during the winter. and stuff the safety rules at Home and second attributed to Posey and Utley
    I know its just April, but this off season, a priority was retain Turner and Jansen. Job done. Also the team was to improve hitting vs. Lefties, that has not been done.
    This team is built well on paper, but they hit like there using paper. I can wait for May, but this Monday its the Gnats and I wonder if the Dodgers can swat them.
    That felt better.

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  3. “We need to start to get going as a team and get some things solidified,” Forsythe said, “especially a lineup.”

    Thank you, Logan, even though you were probably alluding to the injury bug. But perhaps Freidman & Co. ought to pay attention to what you said. Under Friedman, the Dodgers have NEVER had a set line-up. And they wonder why year after year they can’t hit lefties. Babe Ruth would sit against lefties with this FO. So perhaps Friedman and Zaidi are the ones who could use a rest. A long rest. Build the roster, build the farm…and then back off. Let a manager manage the way he wants to.

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  4. I like Puig am a work in progress…

    I awoke this morning and put on my shirt…

    And discovered my internet didn’t work…la! la! la-la!

    So I logged into the second line and obtained a tech person.

    All before I made my first cup of espresso…

    This is Marjorie!!

    I explained my problem to her. I explained that I have two lines coming onto the property from the power pole..I explained to her that my internet light was blinking green and red.

    An hour later…Marjorie is still trying to figure out how I can talk to her, if my line isn’t working???

    The Old Me…

    Would have punched his laptop at this point!!!

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